1. ColinCheshire

    ColinCheshire New Member

    Hi all,
    Found this site today and followed a thread through to the end - about angled cuts on WTC columns - and was impressed by the diligence of members in presenting evidence that the cuts were made during the site clearing operation.
    Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute but looking forward to reading more.
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  2. mks

    mks New Member

    Hello all,
    I am an engineer and physician and a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. I believe that this topic deserves every ounce of objective scrutiny that we as a public can muster. I hope that I will be able to offer some clarity and insight to a number of threads. Thank you for including me.
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  3. Howard Walter

    Howard Walter New Member

    Hello Folks

    I am a new member came across this site and found respectful discourse which is nice for a change. A little about myself retired engineer like all kinds of topics especially news and how folks seem to get things so wrong. Like to debunk that latest silliness on the web and recently saw the good discussion on sealed indictments here so I posted my 2 cents. Members here are very eclectic bring many different viewpoints.

  4. DanTearle

    DanTearle New Member

    Hello all, I decided to join up as I consistently find myself using these boards for reference.
    I’m one of those gluttons for punishment who has constantly got pulled into flat earth and Apollo hoax debates, and while not being any kind of scientist, I do try and understand how things work in a rational way. Trying to get that across isn’t always so easy though, so I hope I can get involved here and learn.
  5. benotto

    benotto New Member

    Hello all.

    I am a 50 something guy with a hunger to see what is behind a lot of unexplained events. Always a challenge for me to push away the smoke and mirrors of the charlatans and others pushing an agenda of implausible explanations.

    Finding this site opened me to new ideas and some conspiracy stuff I never knew was out there. Also showed me a few new tricks to undo the mystery behind a few popular tv shows and the presenters.

    I live in Mexico so my exposure to some concepts is less and others you may never guess folks buy into.

    Sr. Mick. Great site and clear rules even if a bit hard to find a way to fit in. I just need time. Thanks for allowing me in.

  6. Manooper

    Manooper New Member

  7. HitD

    HitD New Member


    I'm a computer scientist and right now I do work in information security. I am interested in conspiracy theories and the rhetoric surrounding them so the subject of this board appeals to me in particular. More generally I am interested in philosophy, history, and politics, and people seem to be interested in seriously discussing these topics on this board. In particular I am interested in formal logic and mathematics.

    I consider myself to be a skeptic but I disagree with nearly everyone else who identifies as such. Reading this board I identified many issues with the arguments people are having (on both sides) and it made me want to join in the discussion.

    see you around!
  8. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member


    I'm Todd and a retired mechanical engineer, mostly field engineering in waste water plants and then onto commercial and hi-rise projects in Boston and Miami ...

    been on many forums throughout the years and just an old refugee now ...

    Mick has a great site ... too bad the truther movement is getting stale because they are so much fun to play with ... Hulsey report anyone? ...

  9. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome - although we tend to dissuade "playing" with people here. In most cases good faith is assumed.
    The Hulsey report should come out in December or January, and will be interesting.
  10. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member

    I understand Mick ... the truth movement tends to avoid this site as it is too technical ... I'm new here so forgive me my jaded outlook on truthers ...

    having said that, I still do not believe that Hulsey will submit anything at all ... perhaps you have info that the report is forthcoming ...
  11. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph New Member

    Hello, I'm new here! I lean CT but am happy to have my malarkey debunked as I tend to be pretty cynical about mankind's ability to do the right thing, especially those with enough power and influence to develop a god-complex
  12. Jens Silb

    Jens Silb New Member

    Stumbled across this site after experiencing many years of frustration about how to talk to conspiracy theorists. I'm an artist and a scientist so I value the Dionysian approach to life while I'm solidly grounded in the Socratic method of advancing knowledge. I hope to learn techniques for communicating (bebunking) with respect and patience.
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  13. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    Hi everyone! I’m really happy to have found this forum and appreciate the clear guidelines and politeness policy, it’s very refreshing to see people treating eachother respectfully and having real conversations. I look forward to browsing around and reading deeper.

    I am not very involved in conspiracy theory- my “thing” is about online manipulation- fake news, foreign actors, photoshop, mislabeling, clickbait, amplification, bots... stuff like that- I have a Facebook page dedicated to trying to help teach people (mostly the older generation) about how these manipulation systems work. I’m not a pro in things technical OR in teaching people- so I am on my own journey as well. I am most deeply interested in effective compassionate respectful ways to communicate and learning research techniques.

    Also: I am a skywatching fanatic and really love optics and halos!
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  14. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member

    very interesting ... perhaps you could start a thread about online manipulation ... it's something I see all the time ... the internet has become too big imho ...