1. ColinCheshire

    ColinCheshire New Member

    Hi all,
    Found this site today and followed a thread through to the end - about angled cuts on WTC columns - and was impressed by the diligence of members in presenting evidence that the cuts were made during the site clearing operation.
    Not sure how much I'll be able to contribute but looking forward to reading more.
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  2. mks

    mks New Member

    Hello all,
    I am an engineer and physician and a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. I believe that this topic deserves every ounce of objective scrutiny that we as a public can muster. I hope that I will be able to offer some clarity and insight to a number of threads. Thank you for including me.
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  3. Howard Walter

    Howard Walter New Member

    Hello Folks

    I am a new member came across this site and found respectful discourse which is nice for a change. A little about myself retired engineer like all kinds of topics especially news and how folks seem to get things so wrong. Like to debunk that latest silliness on the web and recently saw the good discussion on sealed indictments here so I posted my 2 cents. Members here are very eclectic bring many different viewpoints.

  4. DanTearle

    DanTearle New Member

    Hello all, I decided to join up as I consistently find myself using these boards for reference.
    I’m one of those gluttons for punishment who has constantly got pulled into flat earth and Apollo hoax debates, and while not being any kind of scientist, I do try and understand how things work in a rational way. Trying to get that across isn’t always so easy though, so I hope I can get involved here and learn.
  5. benotto

    benotto New Member

    Hello all.

    I am a 50 something guy with a hunger to see what is behind a lot of unexplained events. Always a challenge for me to push away the smoke and mirrors of the charlatans and others pushing an agenda of implausible explanations.

    Finding this site opened me to new ideas and some conspiracy stuff I never knew was out there. Also showed me a few new tricks to undo the mystery behind a few popular tv shows and the presenters.

    I live in Mexico so my exposure to some concepts is less and others you may never guess folks buy into.

    Sr. Mick. Great site and clear rules even if a bit hard to find a way to fit in. I just need time. Thanks for allowing me in.

  6. Manooper

    Manooper New Member

  7. HitD

    HitD New Member


    I'm a computer scientist and right now I do work in information security. I am interested in conspiracy theories and the rhetoric surrounding them so the subject of this board appeals to me in particular. More generally I am interested in philosophy, history, and politics, and people seem to be interested in seriously discussing these topics on this board. In particular I am interested in formal logic and mathematics.

    I consider myself to be a skeptic but I disagree with nearly everyone else who identifies as such. Reading this board I identified many issues with the arguments people are having (on both sides) and it made me want to join in the discussion.

    see you around!
  8. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member


    I'm Todd and a retired mechanical engineer, mostly field engineering in waste water plants and then onto commercial and hi-rise projects in Boston and Miami ...

    been on many forums throughout the years and just an old refugee now ...

    Mick has a great site ... too bad the truther movement is getting stale because they are so much fun to play with ... Hulsey report anyone? ...

  9. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome - although we tend to dissuade "playing" with people here. In most cases good faith is assumed.
    The Hulsey report should come out in December or January, and will be interesting.
  10. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member

    I understand Mick ... the truth movement tends to avoid this site as it is too technical ... I'm new here so forgive me my jaded outlook on truthers ...

    having said that, I still do not believe that Hulsey will submit anything at all ... perhaps you have info that the report is forthcoming ...
  11. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph New Member

    Hello, I'm new here! I lean CT but am happy to have my malarkey debunked as I tend to be pretty cynical about mankind's ability to do the right thing, especially those with enough power and influence to develop a god-complex
  12. Jens Silb

    Jens Silb New Member

    Stumbled across this site after experiencing many years of frustration about how to talk to conspiracy theorists. I'm an artist and a scientist so I value the Dionysian approach to life while I'm solidly grounded in the Socratic method of advancing knowledge. I hope to learn techniques for communicating (bebunking) with respect and patience.
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  13. Sarah T.

    Sarah T. New Member

    Hi everyone! I’m really happy to have found this forum and appreciate the clear guidelines and politeness policy, it’s very refreshing to see people treating eachother respectfully and having real conversations. I look forward to browsing around and reading deeper.

    I am not very involved in conspiracy theory- my “thing” is about online manipulation- fake news, foreign actors, photoshop, mislabeling, clickbait, amplification, bots... stuff like that- I have a Facebook page dedicated to trying to help teach people (mostly the older generation) about how these manipulation systems work. I’m not a pro in things technical OR in teaching people- so I am on my own journey as well. I am most deeply interested in effective compassionate respectful ways to communicate and learning research techniques.

    Also: I am a skywatching fanatic and really love optics and halos!
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  14. Todd Cee

    Todd Cee New Member

    very interesting ... perhaps you could start a thread about online manipulation ... it's something I see all the time ... the internet has become too big imho ...
  15. NoWorldOrder

    NoWorldOrder New Member


    Don't be dissuaded by my screen name! Gamma Ray just happens to be my favorite band.

    I love this site. I lurk many skeptic sites, especially whenever I hear something fishy, but this is the first one I've seen with a sub specifically dedicated to anti-quote-mining. I don't post much, but I'll try to contribute where I can and ask whenever I encounter a plausible CT.

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  16. Sierranne

    Sierranne Closed Account

    Thank you for Metabunk. The last few years, researching I have seen more and more conspiracy theories, each one I personally would debunk with my own rational conclusions, but finding you and your site is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you. I especially love how you point out to always try to be kind when in confrontations, we have to always remember this. Thank you, Mick
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  17. Dean Connelly

    Dean Connelly New Member

    I’m Dean Connelly, Hi! I clicked on the received email link, reviewed the posting guideline, read the welcome notice & posted a welcome thread as asked, however it is still acting like I need to send another link to my email even though I clicked on the link as soon as it arrived in my mailbox which was within mere minutes. Help...?
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  18. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure what you mean. You should be fine now. You need to have a few comments approved by moderators before your comments will show without approval. This is a software protocol to protect the forum from spambots.

    Welcome :)
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  19. Adam Fitzgerald

    Adam Fitzgerald New Member

    I have known about Metabunk for years but kept myself a "lurker". Im a 9/11 researcher for over 12 years now. Recently have been more "open" to social media as of 2 years. I have Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Minds account as well. Mick West comes highly regarded and i find Metabunk to be fascinating in its entirety. Im not into the "physics" aspect of 9/11 but instead i delve into the "geo-political".
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  20. Lacunosus

    Lacunosus New Member

    Yay. Optics and halos/arcs kick ass! Which ones have you seen? I've only seen 22° halos, parhelia, circumzenithal arcs, one upper tangent arc and a circumhorizontal arc. Would love to see a proper 360° parhelic circle!
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  21. Tsuki

    Tsuki New Member

    Hi, I’m new here. I’m not a scientist (yet) but I’m studying to become one. I enjoy learning about the seemingly unexplained and learning about how things work. Conspiracy theories kinda give me an opportunity to really think about things and push me to do research.
    I look forward to working with y’all.
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  22. Donn

    Donn New Member

    My name is Donn and I'm an active freemason. My first real foray into debunking has been with anti -masonic rhetoric and propaganda but has since expanded.

    My ultimate goal is to educate fellow masons about the conspiratorial mind with the hope of creating more productive experiences when such encounters occur
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  23. 180out

    180out New Member


    I’m Eric. I don’t recall how or why I found myself browsing this site. Possibly the Vegas/Paddock mass shooting. There’s courteous, open debate happening between people here who I can learn a great deal from in regards to rabbit holes topics, critical thinking, and debunking.

    Mick, I really appreciate the spirit of this website you created and are maintaining. Same goes for the administrators who take the time to help provide a space for civil discourse. Below are some things I look forward to whenever I visit.

    • Applying and sharing acquired and collective knowledge to try to shed light on bunk theories.
    • Identification of fallacious claims that add to the confusion of already seemingly complex events.
    • Spending time (and sometimes money) to createing and documenting physical experiments.
    • Promotion of objective analysis/evaluation of factual evidence.

    Thank you to everybody who has taken time to provide their $.02, helping to broaden my perspective and knowledge. I look forward to positive future discourse!
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  24. Ph03niX

    Ph03niX New Member

    Hello Metabunk, I'm from reddit

    I've been a lurker here for years so I'm happy to have registered. I hail from reddit, where I've been a heavy user for well over a decade. It'd be silly to think my above choice of handle here would ring a bell with some of you fine folks, but it's possible given the subject-matter covered, and due to reddit's conspiracy community being so large and notorious on the internet. The subreddit /r/ConspiracyII is of my creation..so, I'm that guy. Hold on! It's not what you think, I can explain, and will hopefully garner enough interest to do so at some point. Strangely enough, I'm in a very unique position where I also participate very visibly in what I'd consider a rather effective skeptic subreddit, as well. It, too, is gaining notoriety in its own right. And it's..well, different, one could say. I've learned in the past couple of years that the "ridicule" is increasingly becoming almost as useful as the "rational". Not always, and it can and does backfire, but I think it's necessary in this new rabid climate we're all in.

    So that's it for now, I'm glad to be here. Still haven't gotten around to getting Mick's new book, but I will. I do an immense amount of reading that area. Right now I'm looking into the reaffirming language like "truth" specifically, and how that plays a vital part in these poor modes of thinking. The psychology of it all is my thing.

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  25. Stefan Leahu

    Stefan Leahu New Member

    Hi there, Steph here. I'm a meteorologist, and have a passion for everything sky related, including amateur astronomy. Found metabunk during a debate with a flat earther friend (not the troll kind, but the kind which is waaaay down the rabbit hole). I'vev been browsing the forum for a while and I like the kind of discussions that get going here.
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  26. cwmman

    cwmman New Member

    Theirs always to sides to a coin.
    Hello from Wales.
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  27. carolinarider

    carolinarider New Member

    I found this forum using a web search for water generated by burning gasoline. I like the way the responses were worded so I thought I'd join and just keep track of things I probably don't know.
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  28. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker Senior Member

    Welcome to Metabunk y'all!

    In the spirit of accuracy (this is a debunking site after all), I am unsure if there is an actual 2 sided coin since there is the actual 'side' in addition to the front and back sides. Also many countries have coins that are non-circular as well as with holes on the center.

    Image link


    Just to spoil another old adage; The egg came first. It was produced by the immediate successor of the first chicken, that successor being almost a chicken, but whose offspring had a mutation resulting in it being the first actual chicken.
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  29. Bazkrish

    Bazkrish New Member

    Hi everybody, I am newly registered but I have been following the forums for a long time now. I came upon Metabunk when I learned of the flat earth debate, and I really like research to correct errors. I hope I can contribute a few things here and there.
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  30. Dennis Sutherby

    Dennis Sutherby New Member

    Heard about Metabunk a while back and just finished “Escaping the Rabbithole” so I decided to join Metabunk to keep up on the latest bunk. Generally I am a skeptic about most things conspiracy related.
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  31. Stereoma2112

    Stereoma2112 New Member

    Hey, I'm from Kentucky, USA, heard Mick on JRE and had a friend become a flat earther this past year, so I've gone down the rabbit hole, I joined to keep up on the latest debunking .
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  32. RichardHarbury

    RichardHarbury New Member

    Hello. Richard Harbury is my real name. i am a stonemason by trade and an admirer of the Luddite movement.
    My skepticism towards many 'official' claims are founded on the expression 'who to trust in a world full of deceit'
    i do not believe that the world is run by the 'nice' people for the benefit of all mankind, rather than for the benefit of an 'elite' and chosen few at the expense of the many. i am open to feasible correction.
    i was primarily and specifically encouraged to join metabunk to further my curiosity regarding the truth behind claims by space agencies, including NASA, that it's possible for man and machine to leave low Earth orbit, of which i am currently in disbelief.
    i look forward to intelligent discussion.
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  33. Steven Ian

    Steven Ian Closed Account


    I began an interest in conspiracy around 2009 when i first encountered a David Icke video and i became a member of his forum only to slowly fall foul of their guidelines when i began asking for evidence for some of the claims and the only evidence that was ever offered was "David Icke's books".

    I did not bother buying even one David Icke book. I did not donate anything to the people's voice and David Icke did not make a penny out of me.

    I became totally disillusioned with David Icke and other's in the industry. Beginning with thinking they were a little mistaken on some matters, but slowly and eventually coming to the opinion that they are outright liar's and frauds and so i began debunking theories, most of my facts found on wikipedia, but other sources such as Myles Power was useful too, and he done a wonderful job exposing "house of numbers/Aids denialism".

    For any conspiracy theorist that doubt's the evils and lies span by some of those people then House of Numbers is a good place to start.

    However i found that i had no platform to debunk conspiracy theories as all the main conspiracy forum's will not tolerate dissenting opinion, so i began trying below youtube video's and newspaper articles only to find out that only the conspiracy theorists ever commented in these sections and people that are not interested in conspiracy theories simply do not comment and therefore i gave up as i always found myself without support.

    However i wish i knew about this forum.
    I do not know how i missed it as i have been googling conspiracy debunked for about 6 years now and never did this site come up.
    I only found it by accident a few weeks ago, and i have been impressed.
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  34. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    Hi. Welcome to Metabunk! Please take a few minutes to read our Posting Guidelines, we try to focus on "specific claims of evidence" here. You can find examples of the preferred format in the PGs. :)
  35. Mee43

    Mee43 New Member

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    What a great site. I have recently been fascinated by the thought processes of flat earth folks. Somehow that lead me here.
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  37. Liz Lowery

    Liz Lowery New Member

    A nice guy dropped this link in a comment on YT yesterday. I've never been a conspiracy theorist but never been one to set out and debunk either. I figure if it isn't affecting me then it isn't in my world so keep stopping to smell the daisies and live life. But Ive ended up down the chemtrail rabbit hole after watching scientists and other seemingly informed individuals speak out regarding geoengineering or chemtrails. I've been binge-reading since he dropped this link. This is a plethora of information to absorb and I thank you. I also appreciate some of the comments I've read from you guys, very respectful and understanding to us chemtrail believers.
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  38. Ric

    Ric New Member

    Hello everyone from Manitoba Canada. I discovered Metabunk through researching 9/11 Truth sites and debunking sources. I am just finishing Escaping The Rabbit Hole which is the book I have been seeking for years. Kudos Mick. There is a ton of excellent info there and a great foundation for a second edition I hope will contain even more factual evidence from experts, first responders, forensic and coroners reports, DNA evidence, victim's families and eye witnesses regarding Flight 77. I have a best friend who is way down many rabbit holes and I have been gathering information in an effort to lead him away from the false belief that a missile, not Flight 77, hit The Pentagon. Ideally one will lead to others. This particular false belief may be the easiest to debunk but I have to proceed methodically for fear of being shut out. Looking forward to gaining the knowledge I need to be successful in my personal quest to free my friend from the burden of defending these chimerical beliefs. Thanks for this forum.
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  39. Xiph

    Xiph New Member

    Hello! I came here in search of help debunking a certain eschatological claim made by a website involving electronic purchases. I've searched other forums to answer my curiosities and have had little fortune as of yet. This site seems very efficient. I look forward to discussing with you all!
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  40. Mike Wagner

    Mike Wagner New Member

    Greetings everyone. I just read Mr. West's excellent book (twice), and have lurked here for a while. my background is: Professional Jet pilot, former weather observer (not a meteorologist) and part time parody musician / producer.
    My last parody song "Chemtrails at Night" (you can find it on YouTube.) Completely triggered the chemtrail crowd as you could imagine. Chapter 7 in the rabbit hole book was a game changer for me, I had come up with most of the ways to explain contrails to people who are deeply stuck in their beliefs, but not even close to the level of excellence found in Mr. Wests book. So, hello, and thank you Mick for making my life a whole lot easier when I encounter one of these people. Some of them have even become my friends...

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