Weird lighting, but already debunked.


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My girls and I were coming into the house, and I looked up just to see if I could see any sateliites passing over.
I then saw the weirdest thing in my 40+ years of looking up to begin with.

An object was flying over at a decent clip, but it was projecting two lines ahead it that stretched out about 5 degrees.

I tried to take a picture, but the stupid flash was turned on.

The beams started gradually fading as the object moved away, and eventually was gone.
I checked Heavens Above immediately, and there was nothing scheduled, so I ruled out a satellite.
The Starlink G4-14 Placeholder listed was in the approximate area, but it couldn't explain the beams moving with the object staying at the 5 degrees in front of the object.

I came in the house, pulled up Flightradar 24, and saw this culprit:


As you can see, it was pretty high up, going at a fair clip, and almost heading in the right direction from my POV. I saw it heading more at a bearing of 105, rather the 075 bearing it shows.
I've lived where I saw it for over 40 years, so I'm pretty good at directions, so I can't point at anything else and say "It was this!"

I expect that there was some high level clouds, and it had it's headlights on, so I saw the focused beams as lines rather than a cone.
I had just never seen anything like it before in the 40+ years I've been out there looking up.


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So, I managed to work out the your location and time of your sighting, and it doesnt tie in with the time of the earlier sighting ... unless there was a second de-orbit burn six hours later? Will have to check that.



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Yes, 0100 UTC is the time. Like I mentioned, Heavens Above had the placeholder for it, but at the time from what it showed, it didn't match the direction of travel in the sky... I should have taken the fact that the orbitals were just placeholders and factored that in. I showed flarkey's video to my daughters, and it looked about the same, and given that this is further into it's orbit, it explains why I couldn't resolve individual lights and just a single beam, leading me to the airplane lights theory.

As I said, this is the first itme in 40+ years I've seen something like this, and it's relatively new to me, so I had to have a rational explaination rather than "UFO!!!!" :)