Vitamin D Cures Cancer!!!


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One of my friends was telling me that the gov't is secretly blocking the "secrets of Vitamin D" and how it can cure cancer. He told me he watched this video on YT about some guy who has "proved it."

I know there are quite a lot of these types of claims out there and I was wondering if anybody knows what it is. I'm afraid that's all I have to go on, though I believe he mentioned that he saw it via a Roku channel (if that helps) I would like to debunk it for him, but he and I cannot find exactly what it was.


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I agree with Alhazred, and anyway what would be the point of hiding that fact if it was true? Its not like they can keep you from taking vitamin D if you want to. You can get the stuff in any store right on the same isle as all the Tylenol and other pills. You don't have to goto a pharmacy to get it.
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