Tehran Plasco Highrise Fire And Collapse - 9/11 WTC7, WTC1&2 Comparisons

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=74&v=_MgJTa7SDaY
I'm sorry, but I feel people are intentionally ignoring all the facts. If you look here @ 20 seconds you can see the actual charges. This video shows all the angles which seem to be missing from here.

I'm sorry, but I feel it's only fair to show the truth. I assume posting a link to the video is o.k. since you did it. In this video you can clearly see charges going off. You can see them from different angles. Even the flashes. This was not caused by fire.

I think the visible evidence is against your case.

1. @Trailblazer has already demonstrated the first point that struck me: by the evidence of this video, the outbursts you are calling "charges" occur after the collapse has started. If so, cause and effect are reversed!

2. Compare the alleged explosion of charges with the undisputed demolition by charges in this video.
I've chosen this example because I watched this demolition with my own eyes, and I lived in the left hand block for several years. So I know the structure well.

Notice the unmistakable noise of the explosions, a sound that is noticeably missing from your Plasco video. And I promise you that the video portrays the noise accurately.

3. Whenever we can see clearly in the Plasco video, it is clear that the outward bursts are always coming through windows. There is no evidence of the external structure being breached by explosions.

And the way the outbursts billow out looks exactly like the expulsion of clouds of air, dust and smoke from within, under the pressure of the collapsing structure, rather than a point explosion. You can confirm this using the times visible in these screenshots.

Plasco window bursts 1.jpg

Plasco window bursts 1.jpg
Plasco window bursts 2.jpg Plasco window bursts 5.jpgPlasco window bursts 4.jpg

You can see this pressure effect expelling clouds in the Hackney demotion video, too, at 0.35-0.36, though here it's much neater, along well defined horizontal lines, because it actually is a controlled demolition, not a collapse due to fires.
Hackney demolition 1.jpg
Just to reinforce my point and that of @Oystein, here is a compilation a video that @Mick West has posted in a previous thread. I can testify from the example I gave, and from others I have witnessed: a demolition by explosive charges is a very loud and unmistakably noise, and that sound is not present on the Plasco videos (or 9/11, either)

a compilation a video that @Mick West has posted in a previous thread.
That's actually a compilation I made under my old YouTube handle. I did not alter that audio in any way. I should have added links to the sourced videos though. I'll give that a go if I can find my old password.

What do tall buildings sound and look like when they are demolished with controlled explosions? Here's five examples.
#1 0:00 Ocean Tower
Source: https://youtu.be/QO2q4LErGN4?t=31s

#2 0:15 Landmark Tower
Source: https://youtu.be/79sJ1bMR6VQ?t=9s

#3 0:34 Flagler Drive
Source: https://youtu.be/5ZE0SBpVY7w?t=7s

#4 0:51 40 High Street, Buffalo
Source: https://youtu.be/ZlGmnKvOhlg?t=20s

#5 1:08 J.L. Hudsons
Source: https://youtu.be/JP1HJoG-1Pg?t=11s
More Flagler Drive:
Source: https://youtu.be/rUSyWs9z9N8?t=3m4s
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Glad to have found your site and finally see some civilised discussion on this subject.
I also find Plasco disaster an excellent material for comparison with the WTCs. There is IMHO no denying that the similarities are more noticiable than the differencies. So, I wonder if this very sad Plasco material has been utilised to create better understanding about the process and mechanics of the WTC-collapses.
I have been told that NIST report did not really cover the process of falling of the towers, but only the initial causes. One would think any further details and understanding on the destruction incident is of huge importance. Can anyone tell if any new studies have been made on the WTC-collapses using this material?