Strange looking plane


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Given there is no information nor tail numbers or any other markings I can tell you from my own observations thats a UAV they fly them constantly ,I've even had a run in with a remotely piloted helicopter , I mean a real heli a hummingbird possibly.

Actually, identifies this plane on January 2 2017 at the time and location of the photograph:


As stated above it is a Cessna Citation 560, with registration G-CIEL. It's owned by Luxaviation, a British private jet charter company.


Compare the stripes on the nose and the zigzag lines on the engines to the photo in the OP:

In fact if you know what the registration is, you can just about make it out on the underside of the left wing in that photo.

Mick West

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A plane ID tip, the web site "3D Warehouse", aka "Sketchup Library" has 3D models of most planes (and most everything else). If you've got a reasonable idea of the plane model you can find it there, and then use the built-in 3D viewer to rotate it to see how well it matches.