Strange Light at Cathedral in Edinburgh


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I visited Edinburgh Scotland oct 2015 following the rugby world cup. One morning at 2am I was taking pics of a cathedral before heading to Glasgow when a light came into the shot then lit the whole steeple up. I've mailed people there to see if it's a daily occurrence and people don't seem to know. Some say it's a glitch on my lens. I took four pics then moved the fuji away and thought what the heck is that? [...] It came from the top rh corner of the steeple. it didn't come across the sky it came from a hole 4mtrs from the cathedral. Then it spun around the steeple, it was a straight line but as it went round it turned into a ball of light and lit the whole steeple up. [...]DSCF2287.JPG DSCF2288.JPG

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In the second picture, you can see a full round flare near the center, directly between the crescent flare and the glow from the lights off panel. Definitely lens flare.