Soviet "Dome of Light" System


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Although reports differ, most observers describe the phenomenon as a small white sphere on the horizon that expands uniformly outward and upward while maintaining its dome-like shape. It is initially opaque, but as it expands it becomes transparent, and the stars can be seen through the center of the dome. As it begins to fade, the outer boundary remains brighter forming a rainbow-shaped arc. At full extent it has been reported as being tremendously large, filling more than half of the sky. Approximate calculations (redacted) indicate is is on the order of 1,900 km [approximately 1,180.6 miles] wide, with its center 1,000 km [approximately 621 miles] high. Most Domes of Light are visible for around 20 minutes but events lasting up to 100 minutes have been reported. In almost all cases the Domes of Light have been seen while observers were in darkness or twilight (redacted).
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I remember hearing about this in an FTD "Weekly Intel Brief" in the mid 1980s. The brief did little more than describe the phenomenon, no analysis or discussion of purpose or origin that I recall. Some elements of historical UFO sighting reports, particularly the "small white sphere" of light from which the dome expanded. Would be interesting to know if the US worked on anything similar?