Some nice distrail photos

Janet D

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@ MikeC ~ Nice. I took some pictures of a distrail a while back. When I find them and if they're decent quality I'll post them. I also posted on that link and thanked her for her nice distrail photo's. I'd forgotten about this person, so thank you for reminding me.

@ tryblinking ~ Wow. Like I said, I'd forgotten about this person, so did a Google. I just read she did time in a psychiatric ward for thinking "9/11 was an inside job!", but of course that's not what happened at all. What happened was ~

"On the morning of June the 6th 2006, two social workers came to the door and advised that they’d come to take me to the public hospital’s psychiatric facility, as they’d heard I might be suicidal. Although I ventured to enlighten them I wasn’t, they didn’t listen as their unit had received a phone call from an ill-informed family member who’d said I might be on the verge of killing myself."

When the social workers came to her door she obviously presented to them that she was not mentally sound. When she "ventured to enlighten them" she just convinced them that she really was "crazy". Australia (where Swinney lives) has practically the same psychiatric protocol as we have in the States, and threats of suicide are taken very seriously. And she may not know it, but she did go with them voluntarily. If she had refused (after failing the interview), the police, some force, and some 5-point restraints would have come into play. Also interesting they kept her for eleven days. That is a LONG TIME, and I don't know, tryblinking, she may really be "crazy". It is very hard to tell though. I think it's probably also possible to be crazy AND know chemtrails are a hoax, but I'm not sure of that yet.

Ross Marsden

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Actually, Northland Base Hospital in Whangarei, New Zealand.
Point is, NZ, which has similar psychiatric procedures as Australia and the US.
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