Reports of UFO Sightings Across California



Other sources:

The rest of the sources from Bing which is where I found them from which in the news section it has "UFO sightings" if you scroll to the right:

I wonder if these objects can be identified or debunked?


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As I sat in my living room on NYEve (in NorCal), I watched several Chinese lanterns float up into the night sky. Someone near me lit them and they floated up quite nicely. They burned for several minutes at least - so long that I could not tell if they were burnt out or simply too far away to see. There were several and they meandered in different directions. They looked exactly as some of the descriptions of the "ufos" above.



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I think SR nailed this one. My kids launch several of the lanterns each holiday, you can see hundreds floating away around my house in Thailand. I don't think I have any pics from any but I'll be home in a couple weeks and will try to acquire some if we can launch some.


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Can't stand the things. They're a fire risk, they litter the countryside, they injure wildlife and they cause false alarm calls to the coast guard.
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