Object off Long Beach, California



What is this object off Long Beach, California from Google Maps 33.654762, -118.117890 (accessed Mar 22, 2022)?

Is it an underwater feature or a glitch in the underwater contour data?



The latest image on the historical slider taken on Oct 21, 2021 12 a.m. UTC on Google Earth doesn't show the object but does show it's position was in a busy shipping lane.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/tjrvdt/was_on_google_maps_when_i_noticed_this/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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That's a hole in ground.

Whether it's real or spurious data I don't know but that's a feature on the seafloor, not an object in the sky. Elevation drops like 50 metres in Google Earth.
it looks the same as this blob, just the sides are more shaded

why arent people wondering what these are?
Speculation about possibilities: First picture, I think the thing on the right is just where rocks rise beneath the sediment, but the faint dimple midway between them looks like a similar dip only more smoothed out by sediment deposition. Would a falling meteorite make such a dip on the seafloor, or would it explode to small particles upon hitting the water?

Second image, we aren't "wondering" because we've looked. You can zoom in for yourself and see very clearly they are structures, drilling platforms, perhaps. If so, might the original image be the result of such drilling? Not necessarily for oil, but maybe for geo research, being that they are justifiably concerned with fault lines in that part of the world...
we aren't "wondering" because we've looked. You can zoom in for yourself and see very clearly they are structures, drilling platforms, perhaps.
yea but the circles around them look like dark blue domes also..like the first pic. which to me is even weirder than the teeny dome allusion in the first pic.
What you are looking at are small patches of imagery showing the surface of the ocean superimposed on bathymetric data showing the shape of the ocean floor. Look along the coast, the image of the beach does not end at the waterline, it extends out into the water for some distance. At a relatively uniform distance out to sea there is a fuzzy boundary where what you are looking at changes from an Image of the surface of the water to ocean floor bathymetric data. Where there is something interesting to see on the surface Google Maps has inserted small circular patches of surface imagery showing the object and the ocean surface around it. That's all, just two different types of data being displayed. Google Maps does not want to bore you with endless images of waves and clouds, so they show you the bathymetric data instead, when there is something to see above water they show that.