LAX Shooter's General Description/Attire Confusion.


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It looks like the conspiracy theorist narrative is mostly going to center around this eyewitness testimony as it seems to differ the most from the currently forming official story.

As can be expected, there are numerous differing eyewitness accounts and the conspiracy theorists will only focus on the ones that happen to support their idea of what happened (or didn't happen) as evidenced by this Infowars article.

The interviews of people describing shooter as wearing blue or something similar to a TSA uniform may have lead to the early reports of the shooter being ex/off-duty TSA.
Other reports describe him as wearing dark or army camouflage.

It is also possible that some eyewitnesses may have mistaken the shooter for an LAX Airport Police officer firing back at Ciancia while wearing the dark blue variant of their uniforms.

Also worth pointing out that the TSA uniform is lighter shade of blue than what the police wear and perhaps to someone not familiar with TSA/LAX-PD uniforms may not have noticed the difference between police officers and TSA.

The Infowars article also claims that the shooter was not wearing camouflage or 'dark coloured clothing' as described by witnesses or news articles based on this photo taken of Ciancia after he was shot.

What they failed to point out is that there does appear to be another layer of clothing being worn by the shooter which was probably removed by the medic who is treating him.

In this photo of the aftermath of the shooting, you can see what appears to be a discarded dark green/brown jacket along with the Ciancia's gun.

As for the bulletproof vest, that report could have came from early assumptions that he was wearing body armor (the witness never stated that with certainty), or there may have been body armor on him but it was removed when the medic treated him.
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