"Investigation X: UFO out break"


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Just watched this, i've naturally been very skeptical about alien UFO's but this discovery documentary got me wondering.

Few key points to it; objects spotted in the sky, classic disc shapes, unusual colours, F-16's seemingly investigating of which military denied doing then 2 weeks later as interests peaked they admit they were doing a "training exercise", unusually loud sonic boom heard in a area where jet fighters are not permitted to go into sonic speed. Attempts to recreate the vibrancy of the colours/the shape of the UFO's seen on two occasions in the same areas with no luck (using numerous cameras and settings to try to match what was captured by eyewitnesses), objects flying behaviour told to be erratic and unlike a plane. going horizontal to vertical and sort of hovering, then flying around in a bee like fashion. On one of the occasions this UFO was seen radar information was looked at to identify there were objects in the sky which did not belong to any recorded flight, including odd flying behavior by the F-16's who eye witnesses say were in pursuit of the object, circling it.

The more likely explanation and only one i can reasonably think of is new DARPA type science project, OR Aliens....

It's old, so apologies if you've already de-bunked the heck out of it.
Discovery is a pure entertainment channel now. They boost the "mystery" aspects, and downplay the more plausible explanations, as plausible explanations don't make good TV. The "reconstructions" just fix the idea in the viewer's mind.

So guy not being able to match the video does not mean it's impossible. Most likely it just means he tried a couple of things and it did not work.

People see strange lights int he sky all the time, and there are lots of potential explanations. I'm pretty sure Discovery did not go through all of them. You can't really debunk something like this though, just not that there's plenty of explanations besides aliens.
The discovery channel is pretty damn awful, lol - the way this was presented as well, pretty awful, but the actual evidence put forward as i say looked very compelling, mainly due to the odd military behavior surrounding the objects. I accept, there are perhaps a dozen other explanations though, i blame a new friend feeding me a lot of UFO stuff, saw a very, very compelling moon base picture the other day, i didn't save the thing annoyingly and the site disappeared. but that's a common hoax tactic too lol.