Identifying Landing Lights Reported as UFOs

CRJ-900 landing


From the reddit video:

The reddit aircraft appears to have the red strobe mounted on the fuselage, and the landing lights further out and aft on the wings than the CRJ.
Can someone please attempt to match a CRJ-700 to this video at 3 points- In the beginning when it's seen from the front, directly from the side, and slightly from the rear. I can't imagine a way where the lighting configuration of this airplane could possibly match up with the video in those 3 positions.


Here that one stabilized and zoomed a bit

I'd say this looks more like an MD-80


Metabunk 2020-10-31 12-43-23.jpg


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Thanks! The two things bothering me were the lack of visible green/red or flashing lights on the wing tips and tail, and the fact that the lights don't seem to dim even after the plane passes over the observer in the Reddit video. But in the MD80 video the lights are still visible even after passing over the camera, and the screenshot from the side of the MD80 matches up perfectly with the lights in the Reddit video.
Can anyone nail an ID on this one posted to reddit
I turned the gamma on my PC way up to 200%. The added brightness and contrast now makes it very obvious at 24 seconds in that she is indeed sitting on a bed looking out of the window, as you can clearly see the window frame and get some sense of perspective. And it also makes it very obvious that the 'object' is not in the air at all but is pretty much on the horizon, which you can now actually see. I'd say it is the mast and other lights on a passenger ship. This is the problem with so many 'UFO' videos...with no sense of perspective or orientation one has no idea if the object is high in the sky in this case...actually something on the horizon.
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