Identified: Chemtrails Project UK's "chemtrail plane" (Air France A340)


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The website Chemtrails Project UK has on its front page a slideshow of chemtrail bunk that includes a picture that is purported to show a "chemtrail plane":


A reverse image search of that plane photo shows that it is a screenshot from a YouTube video, which also claims to show a chemtrail plane, filmed from another aircraft.

This plane appears to be an Airbus 340, and close examination of the video reveals the registration number on the wing:


F-GLZC is an Airbus A340-312 owned by Air France. A photo of the plane shows that the livery matches - all white, with dark stripes on the tail.

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Did they claim it was not a commercial jet?
That's what I took the caption "...that are caused by planes like this..." to mean.

They actually say "often non-commercial", apparently allowing some wiggle room:


I'll change the title from "Debunked" to "Identified".