Here's to the "Debunker"!

Mick West

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I was looking up origins of the word "debunker", and found a few interesting takes on it from 90 years ago. Mostly only available in snippet form. A mixture, but quite positive.

1926 - The outline of bunk: The admirations of a debunker - Page 491
1926 - The bunk box: a collection of the bites of bunk that infest American life

1927 - Modern Veterinary Practice - Volumes 8-9 - Page 74
Funny how so little has changed. From "The Outline of Bunk", page 240


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So after all we are unaware members of a small but steadfast group (if not association) that certainly goes back to William of Ockham and likely even further? :cool:

I would very much like to believe that debunking makes a real difference. It probably just keeps up a bit of a balance - but that's more than nothing. So here's to debunkers of all centuries!