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Alright guys, it seems as if I need some of your expertise here. I got freaking scared when I read this.

He saying that the world is going to end in 2030.

It might sound a bit childish, but he uses Climate Change as an example of this, and that the more Methane released in the world is a sign of our doom. :(

Can anybody debunk some of this? It would greatly help.

Mick West

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He's actually saying 2020 in that article, which is an update of his previous prediction of 2030.

He's basically just repeating some of the claims of the Arctic Methane Emergency group, which is a small group of scientists who think that were about to enter a sudden arctic methane feedback loop. There's more on this here:

I think that it's certainly a cause of concern. I don't think that the science really supports the AMEG doomsday claims. See: Armageddon Needs More Science Less Hype.pdf

I'm sure there's been a response to that article somewhere for Nissan, et al., I'll look for that.

Mick West

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Here's Kerr's Science Podcast transcript (linked from Wikipedia, but a bit buried in a PDF). Aug 6th 2010


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Thanks Mick.

Once again, you're debunking is awesome. Even though this wasn't really a debunking (methane is pretty darn real)
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