Former believers, and lessons learned


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. Simply put, I wanted to see the information he had already done the legwork for. Selfish? Maybe, but it was a request and nothing more.
Well there are lots of threads on this site and plenty of stuff at

Basically, since the beginning of the Chemtrail myth (around the mid 90's), it has been claimed we have been sprayed with Aluminium and Barium. The reasons given have varied wildly between poisoning us controlling our minds, blocking the appearance of Nibiru and now Geo -engineering. There is no evidence to even suggest that Aluminium and Barium can even do any of the things suggested. The PROPOSED Geo-engineering solution involving planes involves Hydrogen suplhide (no Barium or Aluminium there) at higher altitudes than any of the planes making trails actually fly.

People claim to have large levels of Aluminium in rainwater samples but they often don't know the difference between milligrams and micrograms. (If I offered you £1000 and gave you £1, I think you might complain) and they also haven't made any attempt to rule out any other sources of contamination or other sources for the aluminium apart from plane trails. This is not proper science.
How is this stuff put on the aircraft or sprayed? The "spray" seems to come from directly behind the engines but not start till quite a few feet behind them, unlike a crop dusting aircraft where the spray starts right out of the nozzle.
People have suggested the spray is in the fuel. If it was, how could the spray be turned on and off? it would come out right from the moment of takeoff. also, those people who know about Aviation have mentioned that if you put Aluminium Oxide through a jet engine you will kill the engine very quickly. This is the same reason why planes could not fly when that Icelandic Volcano nobody can spell or pronounce belched loads of dust in to the air.
Another thing Weedwhacker has already mentioned is that planes are very dependent on weight and balance.
If you do the maths properly, you can see that either the trail you see has too much material to fit into ANY plane. Or if you start with the total maximum takeoff weight of the plane (which includes the plane, the fuel the crew, the passengers and the cargo) you will find that trail the length you see in the sky must be at a really pathetic concentration even at the moment of release from the plane. The numbers don;t stack up. The trail is only big because MOST of the material was in the atmosphere already. (which is why it can pretty much ONLY be ice crystals)

What exactly is a nanoparticle anyway? in what way does it make the effect better or worse? Most people don't really know the answer, they just hear the word nano and think "supercool Hi-technology". so even though they often don't trust science if it shows they might be wrong about something, they know those nerdy boffins keep inventing weird stuff

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And I highly, highly recommend reading Karla McLaren's piece: Bridging the Chasm between Two Cultures, for a unique perspective:

I know this is an old post, but new to me... I read that piece and found it really interesting. I looked around the author's website and found a bit of an epilogue to her CSI article:

part of her concluding remarks:



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Mick and Martin, thank you both for posting the essays by Karla McLaren. The first one, "Bridging the Chasm" (2004), made a strong impression on me when I first read it in 2005-2006. I remember feeling it as be a breath of fresh air, although perhaps also a tad obseqious toward the skeptical community -- as she acknowledges in retrospect.

In the decade since then, I would say I've gradually found my way from the skeptical shore of the New Age community to the agnostic shore of the skeptical community. I still find the two cultures to be separated by a large chasm, crossed by a rather feeble bridge -- although I believe the bridge is growing stronger, thanks in part to the existence and activity of a handful of websites including this one. (I've only recently recognized the interdependence -- for many people, perhaps not everyone -- of New Age/alternative medicine and conspiracy theories. So for me it now makes sense to group them as one "New Age" culture, loosely named.)

I think the end of McLaren's follow-up essay ("Why I am not a psychic — or a skeptic") is worth quoting here:

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