FE Debunked with water tube level - 187 foot building 21.2 miles away below eye level



Source: https://youtu.be/zwdwz8O3qg4

The building in question is the View Towers, in Victoria, BC, Canada. You can google it and see pictures of it to see pictures.

It's sitting on ground that's a little over 50 feet above sea level, and it's location is 48.424269,-123.358878.

The water level was about here: 48.150177,-123.152062 at about 56 feet above sea level.

The camera was about here: 48.149983,-123.15191
Thanks for a great wee video clip. IMHO, one of the simplest and most elegant demonstrations of curved earth out there. It seems more intuitive than the Bedford Level experiment, and far easier to set up in your back-yard.

To avoid arguments with surface refraction being used as a confounding variable, this system appears to be portable enough to set up on a hill/mountain top. Even literally with DIY materials: 15 feet of clear plastic tubing, two stakes (and a heavy lump-hammer), some cable ties, and 10 litres of water give or take.. Given there seems to be some disagreement/wilful confusion from FE folk about what constitutes 'eye-level', this arrangement should create an agreed 'level' to use. (The point at which someone won't commit to even this basis, is the point you should probably leave them to their own little world...).

Combine that with the view of the horizon, and high peaks in the vicinity (great example thread here I found earlier today)

https://www.metabunk.org/threads/using-mountain-ranges-to-predict-the-shape-of-the-earth.8800/ (a wee nod to the work Rory put in calculating all those numbers)

and I think anyone has an easily presented, hard to refute case for globe earth...

This picture (from Metabunk!) of the power lines crossing Lake Pontchartrain should be enough to convince any honest flat earther ...OK, any honest and sane flat earther.
The advantage of the water tube level is that you don't need a telescope for it, and no special location—any sufficiently high hill will do, and you can see for yourself that "looks flat" is only approximately true. (Search on Metabunk for posts by me mentioning "equinox" to find my favorite DIY globe proof—equinox is in 2 weeks!)

There was a youtuber who built a water level in his basement because he was convinced all the videos of it were hoaxes that cheated somehow. He did post a video of taking it out on a nearby small hill (you had to look closely to notice the horizon drop), planning to take it somewhere higher on an upcoming weekend, and then stopped posting after that. Nothing beats having a look yourself.
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