FBI Spying on School Children


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The FBI Has Quietly Started Spying On U.S. School Children To Quash Dissent At An Early Age

This claim came from Activist Post a few weeks ago.


The article, written by Claire Bernish, goes on to say:

If you take the time to actually read “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools,” it becomes very clear that the FBI is not spying on students. It is also not waging the War on Terror either. On page four, the report makes the point:

It goes on further to say:

The report cites a 2002 study (my emphasis):

The claim about FBI spying clearly falls apart once you get past the article title.

The same is true with respect to the “official policy set forth by the FBI that asks high schools to target their students.”

“Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools” is dedicated to identifying social and psychological sources of problems, not scapegoating or “indoctrination” as the author states.

I’d recommend reading the report for the context is offers regarding school shootings or terrorist actions, especially with respect to social media and communication on the internet. Honestly, it is pretty disturbing.