1. Rory

    Explained: Space Shuttle Footage Reflection of Face [Shot Through Window]

    Official video footage of Space Shuttle mission STS-8 (Challenger) from 1983 has a very curious glitch in it, at 3 minutes 32 in the video: A man's head, and other shapes, are very clearly seen: Most likely it's a reflection, given the way it overlays on the shuttle itself. But sure is an...
  2. Spiemel

    Fontus - self-filling water bottle (indiegogo scam campaign?)

    Who else is sceptical about the self-filling water bottle that a company named Fontus has been trying to bring to market since 2014? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fontus-the-self-filling-water-bottles#/ arguments for it being a scam: 1) Peltier devices are not efficient and are also...
  3. D

    RF humaid convoy to Donbass unloaded weapons and ammo 30th Nov 2014

    In begining I would make few important (imho) reservations: Some time ago I begun to read UA mass media because noticed increased conflicting messages about content of humanitarian aid truck convoys from Russian Federation to Donbass region of Ukraine. Many UA mass media published reports...
  4. Mick West

    Debunked: Paramagnetic Paint - Color Changing Cars [Hoax: After Effects Fake]

    There are several YouTube videos that claim to show cars painted with "Paramagnetic" paint which supposedly used an electrical current to change the color of car paint. Many of these are quite realistic looking, as the camera moves around the car, and only the paint changes color in the scene...
  5. T

    Fake 9/11 footage of cruise missile hitting pentagon

    I'm sorry if this has been touched on before, but I could not find it.