Explained: RARE Video Footage of "Alien Space Craft" WATCHING ISS Astronaut!

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Some older "UFO" footage resurfaced again on social media, including this video by "MrMBB33"

While it's portrayed as something mysterious, it's actually just an "Axial Shield" - a thermal protection cover - dropped by Shane Kimbrough in March 2017:

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This was a quarter of the shield that went over the CBM (Common Berthing Mechanism - a standard spaceship docking port) seen in the image above. With three in place it looks like this:
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With one shield lost, the astronauts had to fashion a tempory cover from something else. It's basically just to keep off the sun and slow speed drifting debris, so not a huge deal.

The Shield can be seen floating off here, at 11:25

Source: https://youtu.be/LMdYDb5NCHM?t=685

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Although it is "floating" away, it is actually moving at a speed of roughly 17,150 miles per hour (that's about 5 miles per second!) same as the IIS. So now that piece has become a dangerous missile for other space flights.