Episode 57: Alex Dietrich: Clouds, Critical Thinking, and UFOs

Just a quick chime-in to say that I found the section of the video BEFORE the Tic-Tac was discussed to be extremely useful. It is easy, for me at least, to think of a well-known UFO witness as being nothing else -- just a walking UFO advocate with no other characteristics or interests. Presumably they might have an analogous view of posters here.

But just as identifying/debunking these things is only one facet of (I hope all of) our lives, a single moment in the lives of folks who beleive they have seen something extraordinary is just one moment in their lives. Sure, it is possible for any of us humans to fall into a rabbit hole of obsession with something to the exclusion of almost everything else -- but for most, the interest we might become known for is one of dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of facets of our lives. Areas of potential common ground, and common humanity, shouldn't get lost in the arguments over flying saucers or whether bigfoot is real.

So thanks for that!