Earthquake at China Lake

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Well, it wasn't lost on conspiracy theorists that the 7.1 earthquake and its 6.4 foreshock a day earlier on the 4th of July were both epicentered in the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake, a 1.1 million acre installation that's larger than Rhode Island. After the quake, the base was evacuated of non-essential personnel and declared "not mission capable until further notice."

Conspiracy theorists tied this to geoengineering, weather weapons, and... bees?
That would be a heck of a test that renders the base not mission capable, though conspiracy theorists could argue that the magnitude was bigger than planned, the way Castle Bravo's yield was 2.5 times bigger than predicted.

My new favorite conspiracy theory site—"that is a frequent vehicle for Russian propaganda"—tied the earthquake to every recent news story.
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Whatdoesitmean is a bizarre site, @Agent K. Thanks for the content. Classic misinformation for low-information readers as it takes several clicks on each link to find that the linked information contradicts the article, doesn’t support the article, or points to a self-reference. Example: a single click shows that the Admiral Lomonosov is a floating nuclear power plant, but it takes a few clicks to find out that it’s “temporarily inactive” because it’s being fueled in Murmansk prior to being towed to its destination later this summer.

One thing I noticed right away is that the entire paragraph you linked is a single sentence. Only one period per paragraph. I only noticed one other mid-paragraph period on the entire page!