Donald Trump initially said he thought there were "bombs" on the planes on 9/11


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the kind that makes a giagantic strong skyscraper collapse to the ground if a plane flies into it.
but that isn't a defect. It was designed to stop a 707 low on fuel circling slowly in fog trying to land, not a plane of similar weight making a beeline straight at it at as fast a speed as it can manage. So it suffered damage that was outside of its design envelope.

He almost certainly did see footage of the buildings collapsing, possibly more than once if I know news companies, probably not THAT many times.
We forget that people who are invested in the CT or debunking of it have watched those collapses over and over again from every conceivable angle.

It's easy to talk about Trump building towers but he wasn't the architect or the structural engineer of any of them


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He almost certainly did see footage of the buildings collapsing, possibly more than once if I know news companies, probably not THAT many times.
at least several dozens if he was watching tv that morning. but i didnt see anything in slo mo or up close on the hannel i was watching.

but that isn't a defect
i agree. but again we are trying to put ourselves in Donald Trump's discombobalated brain the day of the attack. I personally thought the aftershocks (add: of the first building's collapse) must have jiggled some stuff, but Trump doesnt mention that. or bombs.

You're just too smart for your own good on this topic. Donald Trump wouldnt have known the data of the design envelope (or even the design of the building, as he demonstrates in that interview) the day of the attack.

Keith Beachy

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Top marks for reading comprehension all round.
Yes, everyone is doing good.
Trump says -
As an engineer, I would explain to Trump the steel shell (connections etc) were designed to stop a 180 pounds of TNT kinetic energy impact, and the impacts on 9/11 were 7 to 11 times greater... after a few years I could show him a study if the steel had been thicker on the shell, it could stop a the high speed planes, and the design could stop a plane going 200 to 250 knots, based on the strength of the steel etc. Speed kills.
In this Trump thinks the plane can't break the shell unless explosives went off at the same time... he does not make it clear if the explosives are on the plane or in the Building; but due to reading comprehension... he thinks they were on the plane. (how would people plane bombs and expect to hit the right area? That would require better pilots, and more BS)
Based on my limited engineering reading skills, this means he thinks the planes had bombs on them; and this would require me to ask him to clear this up. He goes on to say...
It appears he has no clue the steel got a lot thinner at the tops of the WTC, very thin, but very strong.
He has no clue that the planes were able to break the shell. Thus he has no credibility when it comes to this topic.
The WTC would stop a plane going 200 mph, but not the high speeds. Trump does acknowledge the planes were going fast, and he correctly notes (at least for 175) that going "downhill"/dive the plane would be faster. Trump acknowledges Gravity.

Once again, these are first off the cuff comments and ideas made on 9/11. If bombs were used there would have been blast effects seen; what we see is a kinetic energy impact followed by jet fuel ignited by hot engine parts liberated at impact, an nearly instant fire ball. But not anything like an explosive which has a supersonic shock wave, etc, etc, etc (just a note, jet pilots of large aircraft have a Boldface to cut-off engines prior to impact, put out the fire in the engine please)
Without further clarification on Trump's 9/11 comments, it appears he thought the bombs were on the plane. He has an opinion, it was wrong. Kinetic energy did it, broke the shell.


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The news piece in the opening post is an excellent example of a major problem with infotainment media.

Why should anyone listen to Donald Trump speculating on matters such as this? He had and has no clue about such things. But this is what the news gives us. They don't do any research. They just let celebrities and fake expert pundits run off at that mouth to drive a sensation and sell advertising space.
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