Debunked: Virginia Journalist Shooter is a White Man

Bruno D.

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Lots of sites are claiming:

... The killer’s hand was white. I’ve been assured in the original video you could clearly see the killer was not black ...
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Let's analyze some photos, always baring in mind that the colors in a photo change A LOT because of different lighting in different occasions.

First picture from Adam Ward's camera. Not very clear unfortunately, but it looks a lot like a dark skinned person.


Stills from the killer's video:


If you compare the two frames, you can already see a lighting difference. The second frame shows a darker skin color. If you compare the skin color of the shooter with the journalist, it's clear that the hand's skin has a darker color.


Here are other photos from Vester, showing his hands:



As can be seen from these pictures, Vester's skin color is not very dark and the frames from his video shows a light dark hand. For these reasons, together with the rest of the evidences (still from Adam's camera, the manhunt, Vester himself saying he did it, his manifest, his phone calls and his suicide) the hand showed in the video is, in fact, Vester's.


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ok dude, that last photo is revolting to the extreme.

This is the frame the hoaxers are using.

but you can clearly see the glock is not black either. it should match her shirt, so the lighting is obviously off.

then in the frames you use:

you can clearly see his hand is the same color as her leg in her BLACK spanks. ergo, his hand is black.


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