Debunked: UFO over California Highway (TMZ)


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So the lovely critical thinkers at TMZ posted a photo for the sake of going viral on twitter and other platforms of an apparent UFO sighting in LA over a highway with "lights following it."

Oddly the photo is clearly taken out the windshield of the car and what appears to be a disc shaped UFO looks more like a reflection of a dash or gauge as you can clearly see other dash lights reflecting.

Considering the perspective here, something this bright and this size would have easily been spotted by other motorists. Especially with a "red orb" following. With her being the only one seeing this and all photos from inside the car at one angle, its clear it's dash light reflection. It's a shame sites resort to so much sensationalism used in the name of views.

(Note the black frame around the photo is edited on and isnt part of the original image.)