Debunked: Ruslan Tsarni CIA/Terror Connections

One more possibility that hasn't been entertained is the idea of a common cause...

Say you were two young Muslim men and you find out your uncle married the daughter of a guy involved in Iran-Contra. "What's that?" you ask, and scurry off to google to find out that the US was actually involved with some pretty nasty stuff playing off one Muslim group against another, and you're inducted into the whole shady business of radicalism.

In other words, it's a reversal of cause and effect. It's not so much that Graham Fuller got involved and directly radicalised these two kids, but that the kids found out the were related to Graham Fuller and became radicalised when they found out what he did.
It's not fully known what radicalized them at this point. But Fuller noted during his interview that Tsarni was estranged from his brother's family due to the wife's increasing fanaticism. Perhaps........
Global Research rears it's head. Not a real creditable source.

And what is... the CIA?... the White House? Foxy Newsy?... (of course little chicks... the sky is falling in... come into this safe cave and I will protect you... slurp, slurp).

funny you want to make a chicken little comparison when the conspiracy theorists are the ones who always say that the sky is falling.

I'm sure Alex Jones is telling his listeners that right now on his show.
This is my first attempt at a thread. I've read a lot about the Boston Bombing story, my position is agnostic I don't subscribe to any particular theory including the official narrative. However, I'm interested to see what people make of these connections and how it should effect an investigation into the events.

So, Ruslan Tsarni the uncle of the Boston bombers,Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, turns out to have worked as a consultant for USAID, a company now known to be used by the CIA for deep cover geo-strategic operations.

Coincidence? Well he also worked for a company called the “Congress of Chechen International Organizations” known for providing material support to Chechen terrorists.

The address listed for this organisation, “11114 Whisperwood Ln in Rockville MD” is the family home of Graham E. Fuller.

Who is fuller? Only the one-time Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA under President Reagan, identified as instrumental in the Iran Contra affair and later employed by the RAND corporation as a political scientist.

It gets better, Fuller has confirmed that Ruslan was married to his daughter and did live at the family home.
The CIA's main function in the 1980s was anti-soviet. Hence they funded stuff like the Mujahideen and hence the Taliban - because they resisted the Soviets in Afganistan. This is all accepted history. The question is if any direct links now exist. Infowars seems to accept a "suspicion" as a "link", which then gets promoted to "accepted fact" by the repeaters.
You forgot to mention Al Queda in general an Bin Laden specifically. Mick is correct that the CIA funded the Mujahideen which were called "Arab freedom fighters" by our leaders at the time. Many were from Saudi Arabia and felt called to the fight by jihad, holy war. They were the same people we now call Muslim Extremists.