Debunked: Plumes erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone =2.9M quake follows. more coming?


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He has had prescribed burning explained to him. It should be clear to him now that fire would have a diurnal signal whereas geological activity would not. He is just lying to keep his dupes sucked in.

Yep. Apparently they did another burn at the same location the following day on 3-24, following the stated plan of prescribed burns from the 21st to the 24th.

if you check college of dupage NOW.. today at 650pm.. you will clearly see .. theplume is GONE this am.. ruling out a raging wildfire.. AND it REAPPEARS AT THE SAME TIME TODAY !!!!!!!!!! Epic !

Epic in the fact that it's exactly how prescribed burns have been explained to that big fat liar. Prescribed burns are planned and controlled, and are nothing like a raging wildfire unless they happen to get out of control.

Just wanted to include for the record a couple of comments from his vid and blog that undoubtedly confirm it was a controlled burn, in case he deletes those comments like he always does.

Sorry everyone. After reviewing the hi-resolution Terra and Aqua satellite images, I called the Socorro fire department. What you are seeing is a controlled burn. Review w w w*m/2012/march/blm_plans_prescri*bed.html

The phone number to confirm is on the web page. Time to put this one behind us.

Angela Foyt
I drove out there today folks, right buy (sic) it. It’s a prescribed burn that is taking place, there is grass in that area as well as small shrubbery. It does create a large plum (sic) of smoke. I have pictures to prove it if you want to question what I say. Please make sure you know what you are talking about before you post false information. Thank you!



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I think this provides interesting insight into the mindset of some believers. They flat out want to believe. Contrails are far away and you can't touch them or fly up yourself and follow the plane and view how they form and test them directly. That gives people some latitude for belief because they still have to believe the scientists and aviation specialists that are trying to explain to them something they do not understand and cannot experience first hand so in their mind it is still the word of their guru versus all scientists (and scientists are not to be trusted in their world).

But this plume thing? The smoke is visible to locals. The agencies doing the burn give the specific location and burn time window and then put out a record of where burns occurred and how much and what was burned. Fire management manuals are not hard to find. This would be remarkably easy for them to ground truth by driving out to the burn locations, something Dutch could have easily done for the Missouri and Arkansas burns earlier this month. When the believers are provided with how to verify or disprove fires they retreat to "you believe "them" (them being BLM, USDS, USFS, etc....) then you are sheeple". In this case they don't have to accept the debunkers' word or uncritically believe and defend their guru. They literally could check this one out for themselves but most of them elect not.

It will be interesting to see how he responds to jacklee1961 and Angela Foyt. Angela's response surprised me since it appeared directly on his blog.


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He's still at it with the "plumes".

Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina... possibly more that I did not cover in this video ... the chances of having THIS MANY WILDFIRES pop up at once sometime right before 215pm CDT --- these chances are astronomical if not on the edge of borderline IMPOSSIBLE (imo)......

It has been explained to him repeatedly that they are not wildfires but controlled burns that are behaving exactly as controlled burns are expected to behave.


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In his video description he says:
To see the other events and proof for their craton / volcanic / deep earth origin.. here is a link below:

He refers to that post as “proof” of his volcanic claims even though the last to replies on that page say:
1. Angela Foyt says:

March 25, 2012 at 2:25 am
I drove out there today folks, right buy it. It’s a prescribed burn that is taking place, there is grass in that area as well as small shrubbery. It does create a large plum of smoke. I have pictures to prove it if you want to question what I say. Please make sure you know what you are talking about before you post false information. Thank you!
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§ rusticwoman says:
March 25, 2012 at 4:21 pm
@Angela foyt~you are indeed right~I googled ‘Carrizozo-prescribed burn’ and the burn is ongoing til mid April~thanks for the reality check~we feel kinda foolish following this article and the elaborate hoax~people should indeed check their facts, before needlessly alarming people~

So two of his subscribers actually ground truthed a "plume" finding it to indeed be a prescribed fire and he still uses that particular plume as "proof" of the plumes being volcanic.



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From the Southern Area Incident Management Report:

Prescribed Fire Activity:
State and Federal lands – 99 prescribed fires for 27,726 acres burned in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TX.

In addition to prescribed fire there are some large wildfires, which do flare up in the afternoon as transport winds increase and relative humidities drop and then die down at night as surface winds decouple and become calm with increasing relative humidities resulting from dropping temperatures.

One such fire is visible in the Florida panhandle

New Large Incidents/Critical Updates:
[FONT=Arial,Arial][FONT=Arial,Arial]Fire Break [/FONT][/FONT]– This fire is burning 4 miles east of Mexico Beach, FL. The fire is burning in Southern Rough and dense Pine.
Extreme fire behavior with long range spotting and crowning was observed yesterday. The fire jumper the inter-coastal waterway and is burning on both sides of the canal. Personnel and dozers will continue work to widen containment lines on the south side of the fire and to build containments lines on the north side. Smoke impacts to roads in the fire area are being monitored.

The smoke from that fire has been visible this morning swirling around in the NE Gulf.


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There is a very large plume visible in his video at the 3:30 mark in Florida:

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The plume in Alabama, also at the 3:22-3:35 mark is in William B Bankhead National Forest. Also a prescibed burn. Bankhead National Forest.


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Area Forecast Discussion from NWS office in Tallahassee:

Minimum RH is expected to drop below 35% today across inland
sections. However, winds, dispersions and ERC should remain below
critical levels so no warning will be issued. Lowest humidities on
wednesday afternoon will remain at critical levels. However, unlike
today dispersions will likely exceed 75 across the inland Panhandle.
This would generate red flag conditions, therefore a watch was
issued for this area for Wednesday afternoon. The airmass will
slightly moisten on Thursday. Inland minimum humidities in Florida
will hover in the mid 30s for the rest of the work week, thus there
are no red flag concerns..UPDATE...
Several reports have come in stating that visibilities are near zero
in parts of Leon county due to patchy fog mixing with smoke from a
controlled burn in the southwest part of the county. Specifically,
reports have come in from the Leon/Thomas county line and near Lake
Jackson. Take caution if driving through areas with reduced
visibilities and use your low-beam headlights.

Deep layer ridging and dry air have combined to provide cloud free
and mild conditions area-wide. The same controlled burn in southwest
Leon county that allowed patchy areas of smoke to be trapped near
the surface last night is smoldering once again this morning. The
only difference this morning is that the afternoon seabreeze was
able to push further inland today, helping spread the smoke from the
afternoon burn across a larger area around Leon county.

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This is one of many prescribed burns the Apalachicola National Forest is doing during the 2012 prescribed burning season.

Pretty much explains it all right there. Controlled burns on public and private land are common and happen pretty much all across the US, primarily in the spring but can occur at any time. The history of humans using fire in a coordinated controlled manner to manage their environment goes back to before recorded history. Native Americans were masters at the use of controlled burns, long before the arrival of Europeans.

His loyal followers are pure sheep. Nothing against religion per se, but many of his most adamant defenders are blind follower "born again" types. Just sayin'. :rolleyes:


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I think its entirely possible that he knows those are fires, but is spreading all this bunk for whatever personal reasons. Maybe he likes the attention, or get some money out of it.


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I think he believes himself. Here's his latest rant in the comments: Apparently he's deleting people again. He's deleted 3 versions of me and I'm not going to create another account but bullshit like the following really tempts me.

haarp rings are PROVED.. you should read the stanford paper on circle sweeps square waves and sawtooth sweeps.. i've been 100% proved correct... made the video and released the paper proving it is called "geometric modulation" and its done from HAARP.. and the standford scientists CLEARLY STATE the terms and the SIZE of each pattern.. which matches PERFECTLY what weve been seeing..
in otherwords.. vindication and this particular troll just hasn't heard the news yet.. lol
dutchsinse in reply to tiadayz (Show the comment) 9 minutes ago
removing these trolls comments.. this guy is a repeater

dutchsinse 12 minutes ago

Im going down to the missouri "plume" area to get video of whatever it is.. you see Im trying to find out.. not jump to conclusions like you are... you USED to deny haarp rings.. which have now been proved as circle sweeps .. you USED to deny scalar squares.. which are now proved to be Square waves.. and you used to deny Stairstep patterns.. which have been proved to be sawtooth sweeps..
you denied HAARP could produce a ring.. LOL.. CIRCLE SWEEPS duh..
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Maybe he's coming unhinged? Look at this comment to one of his most loyal followers:

well.. im going down to the missouri area from yesterday.. if its a fire .. should be plenty of burned ground for me to get video of! ... im still wondering how everyone thinks "wild fires" OR control burns can ALL POP OFF AT THE SAME TIME AND BE GONE BY MORNING .. just curious for your answers.. sheila.. lets start with yours please.

The bold is mine. He has had debunkers like me (back before he deleted me) in early March and now his faithful explain to him why the control burn smoke shows up in the early to mid afternoon and is mostly not visible on satellite the following morning. People near the fires have reported to him that it is just smoke. He's so attached to his volcano idea that he flat refuses to believe that forresters are deliberately setting fires in specific weather conditions that results in numerous agencies across states burning on the same days. Even with his loyal followers telling him that it is smoke he is soldiering on.

My question: He is as forceful and sure of this volcano plume nonsense as all of his HAARP ring sillyness. "HAARP rings" on radar are harder to debunk because you are still explaining and interpreting radar for people and they just take his word over yours. But with this fire thing there are press releases announcing the fires, there are agency reports of fire times and locations, and there is smoke and burnt ground to smell and see. There is tangible stuff that will prove him wrong. Does he run the risk of discrediting himself? Or will his subscribers discount this error without realizing that he has approached this "theory" just as all the others?


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I got blocked from his youtube videos for trying to explain it was fires. If he would have latched onto the wildfire by Denver as a plume, I guess that would have been a bit too obvious for his scam. Anyways, that was a prescribed burn, that was not completely out when a wind event hit on monday.

I was rather hoping he would have used that big smoke plume on monday though.


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Well he did use the Tallahassee plume the other day and that one was on the news. I wish I could somehow paste the gif I pasted on this thread to his Facebook or Youtube.

What will he find in his "investigation"? Think he'll be honest? Or will he claim to not be able to find any fires or burns areas (even though he was given lat/lons for all the fires in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.


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Dutchsinse...honest? Thanks, now I have to clean tea off my monitor. :p

An honest investigator would video a GPS unit showing the lat/lon coordinates that match the lat/lon from official sources of burn/fire info that also match the coordinates of observed "plumes". Oh, and video a compass to ensure they're pointing the camera in the right direction.

I'm guessing he'll just drive out to the country somewhere, but claim he went to the exact "plume" locations and just video some cows or something and say "Lookie here you trolls, I investigated and found proof there were no fires. Vindication!"

Volcanic "plumes" in Florida? :confused:

"Maybe he's coming unhinged?" Nah...That hustler's been unhinged from day one.


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I'm guessing he'll just drive out to the country somewhere, but claim he went to the exact "plume" locations and just video some cows or something and say "Lookie here you trolls, I investigated and found proof there were no fires. Vindication!"

Nah, he'd never do that. :p


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Sometimes the comments are golden.

In the description of the video dutch wrote:

Viewable throughout the south, midwest, and southwest USA -- Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina...

Then turned around a couple of days later and made this snarky comment:

you heard it here.. wildfires..control burns.. military testing.. thunderstorms.. yep.. thats it.. go ahead and MOVE DOWN THERE.. TAKE YOUR KIDS ON A VACATION TO THE PLUME AREAS.. BUILD A BRICK HOUSE THERE ... because this is just control burns....... :^|

(emphasis mine)

He lives there himself!!!!! Is he delusional, stupid, on drugs or what... I mean what the hell is wrong with this guy? That douche lives in the St. Louis area... maybe 100, 150 miles, or even less, from some of those "plumes". Unfreakinbelieveable.


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The comments are just depressing. The majority are supportive. The majority insist that these plumes are occur at exactly the same time right before sunset even though the time stamps are clear enough. You point out their mis-understanding of time stamps and you are the moron, not the person that doesn't understand that the image they are looking at is in UTC (Maybe I am wrong and sunset in Missouri occurs between 2330 and 2400 hours in late March).

What is interesting in this go-round is that several of his loyal supporters have confirmed fires in their general area and it seems to be freaking him out. He has ignored most. He has attacked others. Is he scared that his ruse is being exposed? Or is he truly invested in his "theory" that these plumes are "volcanic" that he's suffering some serious cognitive dissonance when his loyal followers say "hey, I live here, it's just smoke from a forest service burn".

I'm one of those weird people that is flat fascinated by weather. I took electives in college in remote sensing, meteorology, and climatology even though they were not at all related to my major. So fast forward over a decade later while I'm immersed in all the awesomeness that are available online weather data and even videos of various events. After several years of relative tornado quiet, last year was very busy and several went through populated areas during daylight and lots of people have cameras these days. I was looking on youtube for footage of one of the storms (and there is spectacular and informative video of several systems, informative in that the surface circulation around severe storms is plainly visible) and ran across Dutchsinse and his HAARP stuff as he claimed to be predicting all the big tornadoes. That led me to Chemtrails (yeah, I discovered Chemtrail conspiracies through Dutch). This guy is my introduction to the whole weather conspiracy thing and he seems to be pretty successful. He's got more views and subscribers than most of the Chemtrail videos that I see.


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You're right scombrid, they are depressing. I'ts mindboggling how anybody could take that charlatan seriously, much less blindly defend him.

I've been fascinated by weather my whole life. Meteorology/atmospheric sciences was a close second to my choice of majoring in aerospace technology, but atmospheric sciences and radar were an inherent part of my major and flight training anyway, plus I also took other meteorology related electives. So it's fun and educational for me to debunk dutch's latest "plume" video, "Giant plume of something in Arkansas - no analysis".

No analysis he says. Here's his description for the vid:

Since when do "control burns" cause shockwaves or mini-storm fronts? .. borderline plume fallout ---to me, it looks like an ash pyroclastic flow from above.. whatever it is.. it plumes up and then billows out.. and then becomes top heavy and "falls out" into a "flow" .. much like an ash cloud during an eruption would do.

no analysis -- you can form your own opinion on what this is... at this point.. im tired of being the whipping boy for delivering the video on the occurrence .. you decide for yourself.. you think this is a fire.. fine.. you think this is a thunderstorm.. fine.. you think this is military testing.. fine.. you think this is volcanic activity.. fine.. you think this is related to fracking.. fine.. you think this is just a foggy day.. FINE...

whatever.. Im just showing you whats on satellite that stands out as odd.

It's only odd if you don't know what supercell development looks like on a satellite view. And he tries to pass himself off as some kind of weather guru or something. What a joke!

Here's a screencap of the satellite view:

View attachment 406

Here's a screencap of the Storm Prediction Center's storm report for 3/30/2012 showing hail reports in the exact same location as the storm ("plume" lol) on satellite...proving it was just an isolated supercell.

View attachment 407

Here's a vid of a massive storm exploding on satellite over the northern plains on 8/8/10. That little supercell Dutch calls a plume is nothing compared to this monster.

Here are some timelapse vids of supercell development seen from the ground showing the explosive nature of the convection. A couple of them clearly show the outflow that often occurs around the tops of supercells that dutch calls "shockwaves":


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How can he not comprehend the difference between smoke from fires in clear weather and t-storms on visible satellite?

Without watching the video his description tells you what he saw:

Since when do "control burns" cause shockwaves or mini-storm fronts? .. borderline plume fallout ---to me, it looks like an ash pyroclastic flow from above.. whatever it is.. it plumes up and then billows out.. and then becomes top heavy and "falls out" into a "flow" .. much like an ash cloud during an eruption would do.

Shockwaves and mini-storm fronts? 99% chance he was looking at outflow boundaries.

All the time he spends watching satellite and radar and he's never noticed that t-storms can generate outflow boundaries and that slow moving t-storms can collapse when they run out of CAPE?

Who am I kidding. This is the guy that still thinks that regional and national radar mosaics are collected by satellite and that weather radar can detect "ultra-low frequency".


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Oh he has been at it long enough to know what is true and what is not. He just has his own cottage industry of followers, so its easier to sit at home and make youtube videos that are doom oriented, than to have a job.


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The whole thing amazes me. His HAARP thing relies on "creative" interpretation of radar noise and confirmation bias among his believers. I can see that hoax having staying power because there is no way to see or feel what is going on. You have to understand how weather radar works so know he is wrong. His believers simply take his word over scientists and engineers. But his "plume" videos should completely discredit him even among ardent believers. His theory would result in something actually blasting out of the ground which would be on video and plastered all over the web. As it is, when he claims that fires are plumes, it is easy enough to demonstrate that it really was fire and he has had subscribers like SheilaAliens actually tell him that it is really fire. This latest video calling a thunderstorm a volcanic plume takes the cake. The people that experience the thunderstorm would surely have noticed an eruption and pyroclastic flow. But largely his believers are totally unfazed.

And after I wrote all that I just realized that he made that video calling a thunderstorm a plume because he knew good and well that their were no controlled fires that day because the weather was unsuitable for burning so he knew that nobody would be able to pop in with burn reports pointing to fire. He really is just stringing along his subscribers.


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And after I wrote all that I just realized that he made that video calling a thunderstorm a plume because he knew good and well that their were no controlled fires that day so he knew that nobody would be able to pop in with burn reports pointing to fire. He really is just stringing along his subscribers.

Exactly. He even confirmed it was a thunderstorm in this comment while emphasizing there were no fires:

just called a few local businesses.. days inn guy says NO FIRE south of town.. they got some rain and hail south WEST of town... this is from first hand report in Harrison (6 miles north of the spot in question)... again NO FIRES per local residents..

dutchsinse 1 hour ago in playlist Uploaded videos

The first report out of Arkansas of thunderstorm activity was in Hasty, AR at 2222 UT reporting quarter sized hail covering the ground. The storm I saw blow up on satellite would be capable of locallized hail like that. Hasty is about 15 miles S of Harrison. There was another hail report from Eros, AR about 10 miles ESE of Harrison.
He just debunked himself by confirming it was a thunderstorm but his followers won't even realize it. Nor will they accept it. Disgusting.


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He posted this earlier today to someone suggesting that it was a thunderstorm:

ok.. that is a good explanation.. other than no thunderstorm at the area at the time.. check radar from that time on vortex plymouth edu

In the mean time he's got subscribers declaring victory over the shills because dutch proved that the plumes weren't fires because these totally unrelated plumes were thunderstorms.

This explains it all very well. Pay attention at :30 into it.
Nothing more to say. Dutch was right, not fires, just weather
008808800 4 hours ago
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He's at it with the steam plume thing again so might as well keep all the plumage in one thread.

This time it's another one in California, the area around Mono Lake and Long Valley Caldera. Just to point out how sloppy and inaccurate he is, he calls Mono Lake a supervolcano when it's really just a lake that's close to a large caldera named Long Valley Caldera. It is however, a geologically active area and the last volcanic eruption at the lake was about 350 years ago that formed a small island there, but the lake itself is not a remnant of a's just near one.

7/3/2012 -- Large volcanic steam plumes erupt near Mono Lake Supervolcano California / Nevada

On the central east border of California / Nevada ----- the dormant / extinct Mono Lake supervolcano has given off at least three large steam plume eruptive events yesterday ( july 2, 2012 ) in the afternoon going into sunset.

He says something like "I'm going to go ahead and call it a real confirmation here" and "those are confirmed steam plumes of some kind" and "this is just a direct confirmation for me" ground truth or any actual independent confirmation or evidence mind you, just simply because he says so based solely on what he thinks he sees on satellite. This is after whining about catching flak over his previous plume vids, lol. These so called "plumes" happen to occur right next door to Yosemite National Park where thousands of people would have flooded the internet with pics and vids of massive eruptions by now. Alas, there's not a single story, pic or vid of massive plumes or eruptions of any sort anywhere near Yosemite.

Those "plumes" are just orographic enhanced afternoon convective cells over mountainous terrain much like the ones over Mexico a couple of weeks ago and as correctly forecast by the NWS. The build up of cumulus in the area leading to the formation of individual convective cells is blatantly obvious as well.

210 AM PDT MON JUL 2 2012


And that's exactly what we see on the satellite loop that dutch tries to pass off as "steam plumes".

Apparently my little note to Lockheed has been passed on up the ladder, btw.


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Agreed, better to keep the plume comments together. Deleted my post on the other thread to comment here on the plume thread. Yep, he's calling regular old summertime diurnal buoyancy-driven-convection "volcanic steam plumes" again. It happens that a lot of the "plumes" are over mountainous terrain because of orographic enhancement of the lift. However, there are a lot of similar "plumes" everyday away from mountains as well. You don't even need to understand the weather to falsify these particular claims though. Such widespread "venting" of steam or anything from out of the ground would be recorded and reported by people on the ground. People at Yosemite NP would notice. The high Sierra backcountry is full of hikers this time of year. He also pointed to the entire front range in Colorado at one point in the video and that area is not uninhabited either. Also notice that at the 3:35 mark there are similar diurnal convective flare-ups in the central and eastern US, including north Florida that he completely ignores though they are similar in charater to the thunderstorms that formed over the mountains.

Met Watch

Gonna get these before Dutch deletes them, but eyewitness accounts of "afternoon thunderstorms" are getting thumbs up on his video. His steam plume theory has been debunked by his own viewers.

I was kayaking on Mono lake steam plumes...only afternoon thundershowers

you are correct- thunderstorms do not originate out of the ground...but they do originate out of thin air...& looking straight down from a satellite image it would like just like that.Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of summer weather patterns- especially in the Mt West...knows that afternoon thunderstorms literally "pop-up" out of no where...convective heating= pop up storms that could be misinterpreted as a "plume" by either ignorance or purposeful deceit.which one is Dutch I wonder.

EDIT: Also wanted to post a dissenting comment in response to these:
JimBridger, we know which one you are. Your self-righteous know-it-all indignation is not welcome here. Go pester the real hoaxers and trolls and leave those who are working hard to inform and enlighten alone.

The ironic thing is, he is doing just that.


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Good to catch certain comments before he disappears them down the memory hole.

He has a short version on his alternate channel with another comment confirming "big clouds":

I just phoned the Tioga Pass Mobil station that overlooks Mono Lake and the person I talked to knows nothing about this event... I'll call again later to see if anyone else saw it. If anyone else wants to check it out their # is 760 647 1088. You can literally see the whole lake from there. There were some big clouds in the high country yesterday... the area makes it's own weather, the lake is at @ 7,000 ft.elev. in high desert just east of some 11,000 ft.+ mts of the Sierra Nevada.
2dogarage 5 hours ago

There's also a comment about Oregon:

I saw some plumes expelling from Mt. Shasta, yesterday. Also, some activity in central and eastern Oregon. You may want to check it out.
ayemaya75 9 hours

No mention of "plumes" or eruptions of any sort here in Oregon, but we did have some weak convection later in the afternoon.


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Also notice that at the 3:35 mark there are similar diurnal convective flare-ups in the central and eastern US, including north Florida that he completely ignores though they are similar in charater to the thunderstorms that formed over the mountains.

You mean like the thunderstorms over the (gasp) New Madrid area highlighted in the following video? With the same buildup of cumulus prior to the flare-up of discreet convective cells?

7/2/12 Longitudinal Wave Signature Over New Madrid Area

Bethanyhome7's explanations for what she obviously doesn't comprehend on satellite and radar are nuttier than a trainload of cashews. Wow.


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I see dutchsinse actively encouraging Bethanyhome7 in the comments of that video. That is low. She is clinically paranoid and he appears to be actively preying on her.


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Get a load of this comment on a new "plume" video that attempts, but fails, to confirm the original Mono lake vid.

7/4/2012 -- Mono Lake California -- Craters of the Moon Idaho -- Dormant Volcanoes steaming in USA

Yet another instance of dutchsinse refusing to accept ground truth in his typical smarmy style. In this case ground truth proves there were no "steam plumes" at Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Craters of the moon idaho, i live here and called the ranger...there are no facts to back up this post....please clarify......
trennamontes 14 hours ago

nothing to back this up except VISIBLE SATELLITE IMAGES.. yep.. nothing except proof.. since when Is VISIBLE SATELLITE not proof??
dutchsinse in reply to trennamontes 11 hours ago

Dutch thinks he sees his plumes coming out of the ground on satellite images so that's all the proof he needs for his over-inflated and exceptionally fragile ego. The problem with that is visible satellite by itself is not proof because those images are taken from a satellite in geostationary orbit at a height of over 22,000 miles above the equator, so the images are essentially two dimensional making it virtually impossible to determine whether what you're seeing is at ground level or at 30,000 feet. That's why meteorologists use infrared images to determine cloud height based on temperature.

So plumes at both Mono Lake, CA and Craters of the Moon, ID have been debunked by locals providing ground truth.

I see dutchsinse actively encouraging Bethanyhome7 in the comments of that video. That is low. She is clinically paranoid and he appears to be actively preying on her.

Disgusting. Here's his comment:

the area in missouri just erupted with a wildfire today ! also .. a few weeks ago.. same spot youre showing in missouri a family was taken out of the national reserve down there for "carbon monoxide" poisoning while camping.
its a dormant volcanic chain in St. Genevieve mo ..
dutchsinse 2 days ago

Imagine that, a wildfire in a hot dry forest around July 4th...whod'a thunk. Notice how he puts carbon monoxide in quotes in an attempt to place doubt on that fact. So what's the truth of the matter. A leaky exhaust pipe from a generator on a camper. And it happened three months ago, not a few weeks ago.

Suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at Hawn State Park

Four members of a Hillsboro family were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after a problem apparently caused by the generator in their camper.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Camping

His claim of a dormant volcanic chain is bogus because the Ozarks are some of the oldest mountains on the planet and vulcanism in Missouri has been extinct for at least a billion years.

Doesn't matter where he gets his ideas from, Dutchsinse is just an ignorant fearmonger.

Met Watch

Great analysis, solrey. I'm going to watch the SW again today, since conditions are ripe for thunderstorm development in that area and I wouldn't be surprised if he puts out another video. Heck, I could expect a video almost every day now - it's monsoon season in the Four Corners, after all. Once a "steam plume" pops up, I'll capture an IR satellite picture and see what I can find.

EDIT: Follow-up on my older post - comments were deleted as expected, and Metabunk got thrown around a little. Not sure if Dutch knows we exist, but I personally hope he does - it would be great to debate him.

Speaking of which, he deleted the comment within a few seconds of posting it, but he did respond to one of the Metabunk comments saying "I will debate you live." That disappeared within 10 seconds of it being posted. Delicious. I would love a debate with Dutch any day.


Doesn't matter where he gets his ideas from, Dutchsinse is just an ignorant fearmonger.

Well, I suggest that because I see its tied to some published piece of work there. I don't know how butt-sore those guys get when their work gets twisted into tin-foil hats without credit... But I've heard of dutch doing that to other people who take work (that he says can be used, they use it and destroy his claims, he takes his ball and goes home) and then get their stuff banned. Any way to switch it up on him?

Met Watch

Dutch has deleted his originial Mono Lake video from July 3rd...interesting. I guess he caught so much criticism he just thought leaving that video up would eat away at his "credibility." Makes me wonder if he's deleted any other videos in the past that caught a whole load of flak.


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He just went on a comment deleting spree and then moved it to another channel, like he did with his "New Meteorology Discovery" where he insulted critics in his responses, misrepresented their posts in his responses, and then deleted their posts and blocked them from responding. That's a wonderful tactic that his subscribers seem to approve.


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Apparently the original was removed by Youtube due to a copyright violation on a song he used. But he just uploads it to Power VideoTube anyway just like he did with his "teaser" Lockheed video as if copyright violations only apply to Youtube or something.

Here is the original video (had to delete from youtube do to the music at the end ) ..

I wanted to copy one of his comments because it shows what a childish whiner he becomes when confronted with actual facts that expose his bunk.

agreed.. its horrible that I cannot be allowed to have my own opinions on things..
as soon as I state my opinion.. "they" freak out and call me every name in the book ..
the best is when "they" accuse me of faking or making these video up... its funny really.. they have accused me of faking (frauding) EVERY video I have ever made.. volcano.. earthquake.. storm.. haarp.. plume.. heck.. even not important time lapse or weathershares...
every video I have ever made.. hated ..
dutchsinse in reply to laswan5 1 day ago in playlist Uploaded videos

So in dutchland, critics are freaking out and hating on him just because someone writes about a witness on the ground describing big clouds or thunderstorms instead of "steam plumes".

No Michael, you're the's you who freaks out, name-calls, deletes comments, blocks users and spews hate filled rants whenever somebody points out that your "opinions" are bogus.

I don't recall any critic accusing him of faking any video, although most critics consider him to be a fraud.
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