Debunked: Pfizer Developing a Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill, Taken Alongside Vaccines

Mick West

Staff member

The clickbait site "National File" posted this false headline (and sub-heading):
Pfizer Is Now Developing A Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill That Must Be Taken Alongside Vaccines
Pfizer is so confident the pill will be approved and likely mandated that it has started production before the end of clinical trials

This has been shared on social media, usually without any context, making it seem like it's a pill everyone will be mandated to take twice a day forever in addition to the vaccine.

In reality, this is an antiviral drug, a protease inhibitor, currently called PF-07321332, which is designed to treat patients who are ill with COVID-19. Pfizer promotes it as a potential "a novel oral therapy that could be prescribed at the first sign of infection, without requiring hospitalization"

That is, it's a drug that treats COVID after you get it, regardless of if you've been vaccinated or not. You take it twice a day, but only for five days

The drug is going through large-scale clinical trials.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether PF-07321332/ritonavir is safe and effective for the treatment of adults who are ill with COVID-19 and do not need to be in the hospital, but are at an increased risk of developing severe illness.

Eligible participants with a confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection will be randomized (1:1) to receive PF-07321332/ritonavir or placebo orally every 12 hours for 5 days (10 doses total).

(Ritonavir is a generic protease inhibitor, and this new drug is given in combination with it)