[Debunked] Jeff Rothschild. In order to finalize the New World Order we need a 3rd world war [Fake]


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This is making the rounds via some CT outlets i can not verify source and it been debunked in other forums as disinfo, one wonders what agenda the Ct have but pursuing this


the speech came from here thou nothing about 3rd world war mentioned in this report

Come on there's no way those are actual quotes, they're just trolling.
Any way to track down the creator of the graphic?
First (as far as I know) appearance on lunatic outpost, january.

Seems to have originated from anarchadia.com, an extremist 'the NWO are coming!' site.
They apparently just make shit up because they feel it's justified to do so.
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No it's not it's called GONZO JOURNALISM in which they use the same rules of outrageous propaganda fed to us and feed it back to the elite.

Who knows what is said in Bilderberg meetings or at any other 5+ star venue where the elite gather!

The way the world is headed sure sounds like it is the agenda!

Another example:

Jeff Rothschild's (VP of Facebook) house (400 W Portola Ave
Los Altos, CA 94022-1161) was invaded during the night by an unidentified LA gang thanks to Anarchadia. He was raped by unidentified 12 african americans, while they asked him how it was to help starve to death 100 million women and children for corporate profit increases. Jeff Rothschild is currently in the hospital getting anal surgical restitution. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly visited him earlier this morning, and was attacked by an angry mob of anarchists, who were chanting that he should be raped too. There is a total media blackout over the subject, and instead the mainstream is reporting about a millionaire's house which was hijacked during the night in Los Angeles.

Anarchadia is a Non-Profit watch dog journal. An objective source of information, which works at bringing you the best redacted information on the web about current and past events. We have no personal agenda only common sense and an anarchist philosophy. We have created this website because we feel that sites and organizations like Infowars, Huffington Post, Zeitgeist Movement, We are Change, Reuters, Wikileaks, and AP do not present a broad enough vision of our world. Sure they have plenty of content; yet there always seems to be something contradicting the other. Our promise is to remain independent from all interests. Objectivity is our motto. And Peace our hope!

Unless stated by the author, all content on this site is free for non-commercial reuse, reprint, and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere. Anarchadia is Gonzo Journalism, so nothing that we say can be used against us, since it could or could not be true.
Edit.. found what may be the first appearance - aug 2013
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thanks the further digging pete. One wonders why these chaps are targeted as the bad guys, sure they prolly ain't the sweetest blokes bout but truly others should make the list before. Anyhoo this is good news for us Down under. If you want to survive better apply for your OZ emigration papers as part of your preper tool box kit.

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got to luv this logic cut from comments http://anarchadia.com/2013/08/03/jeff-rothschild-helps-the-u-s-military-censor-civilians/

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March 23, 2014 at 7:49 am
where is the evidence he actually said these things ??

Yeah, it's sad that people will project this hellish world-view on to the world and think they are enlightened.
It must be like living with schizophrenia.
I'm marking this as a debunked fake, seeing as there's no evidence they ever said this, and it does not seem like something they would say.