Debunked: Dane Wigington's Undeniable Footage of Jet Aircraft Spraying [Aerodynamic Contrails]

you know, the more I watch the original video the madder I'm getting. This is one of the most gorgeous videos ive ever watched and Dane and Anubis have the nerve to make it sound ominous. pfft.

He's got segment contrails, contrail shadows, flying carpet pieces, persistent, non persistent... btw, I thought the chemtrail spiel was only persistent trails are evil? where as the plane featured in danes version is the least persistent in the sky that day!

Anyway, Micks demo does show nicely in this video as many of the trails are broken up. (and the little brown cloud in the pic here runs across the screen like one of those railhares at the dog track. it's a very cool video.

I think its Walnut Grove Cemetary so I'm gonna buy a better camera and check it out myself when we get another cool sky day!


oh danes plane is around the 5 minute mark. but the rest of the video is even prettier.
It's the same blue (0.0 to 0.1) as covers the 450 hPa chart. As there's no gradation within that level it's hard to say what the levels are.

I would be very interested in some observational statistics, to see how well it correlates.

I have found a possible way to obtain some statistics but do not have time to thoroughly go trough the data. There are contrail spotting sites with lots of pictures, like, for example:

I've just scrolled down the entries for 2011 and 2012 and found only five pictures of aerodynamics contrails. In three of them they co-exist with exhaust contrails. This one is particularly remarkable:

September 2011. For a few moments this Air France 777 had an enormous contrail before it disappeared.

I have not counted how many pictures are there all together and how many of them show exhaust contrails. However I think that, due to their rarity, all observation of aerodynamics contrails by the forum members have been included.