[debunked:] "Chem Tracking Device / Chembomb" video clip


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Recently stumbled upon this video through The Truth Denied page which is sort of interesting. Here is where I found it http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/...-in-chemtrail-caught-on-film-in-san-diego-ca/

The user uploading the video claims it must be related to "chemtrail" activity, but I see this more as a typical UFO type video. About 5:38 into the video the "glowing" object explodes and leave a cluster of (probably falling) debris in the air.

The debris looks like a cloud of smaller pieces, one larger white piece what looks like a piece of cloth (shell of a balloon?), and a smaller "glowing" object.

The "glow" effect seem to come from reflections of sunlight.

This seem to be a bursting weather balloon.

Here are other examples showing bursting weather balloons, which are almost identical to the "chem tracking device / chem bomb" video:

And another example:

It's very reasonable to say that the thing documented in the original video is just a conventional weather balloon bursting. Whether this balloon was "allowed" to be released I cannot say, but released from a plane is hardly reasonable considering the resemblance of normal weather balloons.
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