Cuba UAP 2019 - LED Kite with Rotating Lights



Original video:

Saw this in the new Showtime UFO show (a mixed bag) but thought this video was worth taking a closer look at. No idea what it could be, it looks a bit uncanny so maybe CGI. Can't seem to find anything else out about it online save that thinks it's an LED kite.


This is his comparison and I think the shape is spot on but the lighting effects don't match at all. What is strange is that the kite shape is evident at the beginning and is then eclipsed by the rotating plasma/fireball before the kite shape emerges again. My hypothesis would be that the fireball is some sort of aftereffects template applied onto footage of a kite. Maybe there are LEDS on the kite to aid with placing the template but otherwise I don't see any reason to think that it is an LED kite.


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Dabg, y'all beat me to it. It is indeed a delta kite with a battery, leds and a computer chip to make it flash in interesting patterns. As these are commercially available, expect to see them more and more.

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Wow scanning down the comments of the youtube video, Surely some of the commentators are just taking the piss, like I believe a lot of the flat earthers, q-anoners etc and are in it just for the LOLs. Only one person mentions kite and then seems to dismiss that theory
What do the commentators think what purpose do the aliens are achieving with the spinning lights? A mating ritual perhaps?
Does nasa etc typically festoon their craft like a carnival show?
I haven't looked it up, but I doubt any space agency puts lights on their ships esp ones going to the moon or mars or beyond, why would they? :)


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(now defunct) Electric Kite Company
Such kites are still made by several Chinese manufacturers -- for some reason almost universally adhering to the red/white/blue pattern for the delta kite. So expect them to continue to crop up into the foreseeable future, from time to time.

(One of mine in flight is to the left here, to be contrasted with the more elaborate and less ufo-report-likely more modern (and bigger) night kites being made as well these days...)