Corellation between Perigee moons and earthquakes?


This weekend heralds a full moon known as a supermoon. Due to the moon's elliptical orbit and it's present perigee position when it is at closest to earth it will appear 14% bigger than at any other time of the year.

Astrologer Theodore White, a self proclaimed Astrometeorologist, in his 2013 Summer blogspot claims that earthquakes are stronger during perigee moons:

The Perigee Moons Of May, June & July 2013:Earthquakes, Storms & Geophysical Instability

As the perigee moon of June and July near, we can expect to hear of a wide range of geophysical disturbances, including earthquakes, some large magnitude, worldwide.

Although there are always some kind of seismic activity; when there are astrological configurations strong enough relative to the Earth, we experience stronger seismic activity. So it will be during the months of lunar perigees.
Further more:
The closest perigee moon will take place on June 23, 2013. This means that between June 20 through 27 overall, there should a variety of geophysical events that make headline news.

In the annals of Astrometeorology, it is well known that when 'super-moons' occur, they spark geophysical events ranging from large magnitude earthquakes, to strong storms with gusty winds and powerful tornadoes.

There are storms of torrential rains that causes flooding that can strike farmlands and multiple urban areas.
Putting aside the fact that it's a windy day in the UK, where is the evidence that increased earthquakes activity and strong quakes occur during perigee moons?

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and in particular:


I have far too many friends that buy into the super moon hype. I can live with people not knowing what it means or how often they really happen. What bothers me is when they say shit like. "Supermoon is about to make my day awesome. Sooooo feeding off of this energy." And when I ask how this energy works I get called negative and a troll. :mad: I asked what forces are at work and I got the reply of gravity.

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For people who believe that diluting a substance in water one part in one trillion will still effect them, believing they are affected by this energy this shouldn't be a problem.