Climate Change Why it is NOT being caused by increased CO2 emissions from humans


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Climate Change
Why it is NOT being caused by increased CO2 emissions from human activity. Climate Change.pdf

Study of ALL the data presented in this document leads one to these conclusions.

· Aircraft trails are relevant to localised climate change on some occasions.
· Significant Changes are happening on all other planets in the solar system.
· Some agency appears to already have the ability to modify the weather – i.e. steer and/or create
hurricanes and generate other effects localised to regions of up to a few hundred miles in size.
· Other research mentioned shows that Pollution Free Energy Technologies (or ones with far lower
levels of pollution) have been perniciously suppressed.
· Much wider data considerations must be made if honesty, integrity and credibility are to be
retained within the scientific community.

If this document has not made you in some way “angry” then it is hoped it has made you curious to learn
more – perhaps, through your curiosity, you can then help to change the world for the better.

Have a good time with this one (please) Climate Change.pdf

Mick West

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That document has a bit of everything in it, from chemtrails to cold fusion. One quick thing:

The photos were taken nearly an hour apart, which means the body of air the first trail formed in could be anything up to 100 miles away. Also the second plane could be 500 feet higher, which is enough to make the difference.

Points for trying though! Most people don't make the effort.

His Anthropogenic Climate Change denialist arguments are just the same old stuff, debunked at
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