CIA Conspired wDisney to Conquer Florida Cheaply and above the law

How The CIA Helped Disney conquer Florida and buy super-cheap land that is 'above the law'.

Since there are many urban legends surrounding Disney I thought this might be an interesting piece since it’s from an investigative journalists and not a email going around the web. Because of that there’s only so many “explanations” debunkers can offer.

  1. There’s no conspiracy here so everything else is irrelevant. UNTRUE. The CIA Conspired with Disney to enable it to cheat the public, by-pass laws and avoid taxes. That’s a conspiracy whether you want to think of it as one or not.

  1. So what, Disney was ahead of its time and simply a shrewd and financial smart individual. Again, the CIA conspired to assist Disney in actions that if you or I committed would buy us a ticket to jail.

  1. Didn’t happen; this is all the imaginations of a creative journalists. This is at least a debatable debunking point. Everything here is speculated since no official trial or investigation by law enforcement has occurred however we know that Disney is very particular about its image and will sue the life out of anyone trying to defame it without cause. The fact that this journalists is being allowed to publish this despite the power of Disney to stop something like this says a lot.

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I don't actually have a problem with this. It's a fascinating story, and at first glance the account has all the signs of being well sourced and researched.

Excerpts from the book cited by the Daily Mail appear here:

It seems that the headline is dramatizing the story a bit; from what I could tell, Disney employed a law firm run by ex-CIA officials. It's not clear to what extent the CIA was itself organizationally involved.

And apparently the CIA-Disney land-grab connection was also told in more detail here:

A key point is this: Just because I'm a "debunker" doesn't mean that I don't ever believe conspiracies happen. There are tons of actual criminal conspiracies where people or groups conspire to do illegal or quasi-legal things: corporate collusion, fraud, and espionage; government graft, patronage, and influence peddling; organized crime and racketeering.

But here we see only that some ex-CIA agents were involved in securing a shady land deal 50 years ago. We know the has done or may have done some shady things. You seem to be suggesting there is some significance to the larger world of other conspiracy theories.