Brainwashing through pulsing images


Well, My FB-friend posted this picture today:

A google search about the patent leads to this link:
Or also:

Management summary:
Both Patents exist since 2001, with different US Classifications.

Patent: US 6506148 B2:
US-Classification 600/27, 600/545

Class 600 is intended for surgery
Subclass 26 beeing:

Subclass 544 being:
For diagnostic Testing.

As for the Other:
Patent: US 20020188164 A1
US Classification: 600/9


The International Classification is the same for both:
International Classification: A61N2/00, A61N2/04

A61N2/00 -> Magnetotherapy
A61N2/04 -> using variable fields, e.g. low frequency or pulsating fields

Now, after I've gotten those numbers out of the way.

What I Think the creator is jumping on is the following part:
Easy, its already a warning in the patent.

But whats happening? Do they describe some outcome?
As far as my understanding goes, they fiddled around with the frequency and on some specific frequencys ptosis occured.

This test was done with a 15" pc-monitor. (stated somewhere in the text above where I took my quote)

My best guess, as it isn't stated, eyelid ptosis is meant. (edit: i'm now pretty sure its eyelid ptosis)

Its very interesting, especially because there is already a warning in the patent. But I really can't figure out a use for dropping eyelids in front of the tv..
Some new "sleep tight" chanel? watch it and get tired?

And even if it had a use to broadcast it all over the world, I can really think of problems already due the many different individualls we all are. (many might not react as expected)

Well, that was about what I got together during lunchbreak, I look into it a little more this evening or tomorow.

edit: taken from an other filed patent by mr. Hendricus G. Loos
Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems
US 6091994 A
results by pulsative cooling on the subjects skin.
There is no mention of the other effects in the pulsing image patent though but were talking about about the same frequencys and about the same field.
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Ray Von Geezer

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As far as the magnetic field patent goes, presumably that would only be relevant for CRTs anyway, since flat-panels don't use a deflection coil?

Ray Von


As far as the magnetic field patent goes, presumably that would only be relevant for CRTs anyway, since flat-panels don't use a deflection coil?

Ray Von

Should work on both, it seems to be working on the electromagnetic field all electronic devices produce while turned on.
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