Barium is a homeopathis remedy!


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I am putting this in chemtrails rather than another forum because I ran into it while looking at Barium due to chemtrails - if you think it belongs elsewhere go ahead & move it....

It seems that Barium is a homeopathic remedy - this google search throws up a heap of pages telling people that Barium Carbonate should be used for a vast range of ailments, including children who are developing slowly, and for elderly with dementia.

Perhaps chemtrails are actually trying to cure Alzheimers??? :eek:


yea thats it! They love us so they want to spray us with nice things that help us! Just like flouride in water! Oooooooo such lovely people!


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Hi unregistered.
Are you concerned about the fish and mammals and reptiles etc that live in the sea?

I'm wondering that because you seem concerned about Fluoride.
I assume that you believe fluoride is a deadly poison and that drinking or being immersed in fluoridated water is toxic.
Municipal water supplies typically have fluoride in concentrations around 0.5 to 1ppm
I'm wondering if you are aware that the natural level of fluoride in the Oceans is between 1.2 and 1.5 ppm
Marine organisms have been living and thriving in fluoridated water for hundreds of millions of years.
Sure humans are not marine mammals but be careful of uncritically believing that fluoride is a deadly toxin harmful to all life forms


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Of course TPTB want to be nice to us - we pay taxes and are the source of their profits!!

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