Alex Jones' and his Moon Landing Conspiracy.


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As some of us already know Alex Jones made some absurd claims of thousands of dead astronauts even though at no point in history did NASA ever have more than 150 or so employed astronauts....

Here he has a NASA engineer on his show and it's rather entertaining to say the least.

Alot of the discussion is about Apollo 13, and it seems that Alex Jones is just trying his hardest to make a conspiracy out of it
In this video, he claims the following:

  • Dead Russians on the moon
  • That there is a 'secret' space program.
  • Astronauts carry suicide pills despite the fact that there is no need for them.
  • Briefly claims that details regarding Apollo 13 were kept secret before Teague shuts him down
  • They have hundreds of unmanned decapitation weapons in space since at least the 1970's
  • That you can see the moon's surface with a telescope on earth.
  • The space program was aborted because 'the globalists' are going to merge with machines.

Teague goes over pretty much the same stuff later in this video, but in the beginning, he clarifies that he wasn't employed by NASA and that he actually worked for NASA under a contractor. Alex, of course never mentioned any of that during his interview with Teague.
The title of this video is "NASA Insider Questions Moon Landing", but I never heard him question the moon landing at any point.

I think Alex and Infowars are just doing the best they can to tiptoe the line between the moon landing conspiracy theorists and those who don't believe it because it has been thoroughly debunked for a long long time.


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Common knowledge, but here it is anyway.......

From external....

Frequently Asked Questions
Can Hubble see the Apollo landing sites on the Moon?
No, Hubble cannot take photos of the Apollo landing sites.
An object on the Moon 4 meters (4.37 yards) across, viewed from HST, would be about 0.002 arcsec in size. The highest resolution instrument currently on HST is the Advanced Camera for Surveys at 0.03 arcsec. So anything we left on the Moon cannot be resolved in any HST image. It would just appear as a dot.


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In this video, he claims the following:
• That there is a 'secret' space program.

These sorts of claims tend to amuse me. Shy of nuclear detonations, the Saturn V was the loudest thing built by humans. How exactly does one prevent launches from being visible or audible? We can identify even "secret" satellites with the technology amateurs have at their disposal, and they certainly show up in astrophotographs.

Looking back, I see Raymond Teague has made several appearances on AJ. I guess there's always a market for tall tales...


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Didn't a Japanese probe get some photos of the landing sites as well?

Yes: SELENE took images of several Apollo sites, however not at a resolution comparable to LRO's. Shooting at 10m/pixel it just wasn't able to resolve the hardware (compared to 0.5m/pixel for LRO).


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When you're in the business of conspiracies, any conspiracy is a good conspiracy.
So true! :)
In fact am convinced that should a CTer already raking in a fortune from propagating a theory chance upon contradicting hard evidence, they would never admit it


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some where i watched a A jones clip where he said as he had a close friend in Apollo Nasa so he believed the moon landing were true and here he is with Buzz who sets his gullible CT mind straight



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some where i watched a A jones clip where he said as he had a close friend in Apollo Nasa so he believed the moon landing were true and here he is with Buzz who sets his gullible CT mind straight

Aldrin does not shy away from letting woo know its woo


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They had been intended to be left behind on the Moon but instead appeared to have been intentionally preserved.
Content from External Source
some how this will be twisted & used as evidence to say they did not go or reach the moon sigh

A treasure trove of prized mementos from the first Moon landing have been found in Neil Armstrong's closet by his wife while she was doing a clearout.

Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, died in August 2012.

His wife Carol found the objects from the 1969 lunar expedition languishing at their home in Cincinnati, Ohio

They included a 16mm camera that was mounted on the window of the Eagle lunar module to record the historic landing and Armstrong's "one small step".

There was also one of two waist tethers that Armstrong used to support himself during the single rest period on the Moon.

The souvenirs, along with other small items, were stashed in a white cloth bag that may have come from a spacecraft.


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At first I was a little surprised they managed to get the items through quarantine without them being taken away, but then I remembered, Armstrong isn't the only Apollo astronaut to do so. A few turned up with moon rocks or oddball bits of hardware (I can't remember which one, but one turned up with one of the little rubber condom things they used to collect urine) they smuggled out. Ed Mitchell (a pretty avid purveyor of bunk these days) also brought home a camera like that one. NASA found out he had it years later, but didn't do anything about it until he tried to sell it, then they sued him for it and placed it in a museum. Seeing as Armstrong's are being gifted to a museum I imagine they won't object in the same way.

It's pretty easy to see how they could get stuff back from the moon. None of the LMs were quite at full capacity, but 11 was particularly low. They only brought back about 22 kg of samples, compared to 43 kg from Apollo 14 using the same LM (15-17 got 77-110 kg, but that was a slightly different LM and I don't know how its capacity compares). 21 kg (plus whatever slack Apollo 14 still had, and give or take a kilogram or two depending on how much dV is needed for redezvous) is plenty of room to secret away some random keepsakes.