"Advanced Aerial Threats" In Report on US Congress' Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2021

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The above language is causing great excitement in the UFO community. For example:

This isn't actually a bill though. It's comments from the intelligence committee regarding the bill. The paragraph isn't a proposed law, it's a directive from the committee.

Source: https://twitter.com/Deepneuron/status/1275270209457123328

Source: https://twitter.com/nickpopemod/status/1275295579153690626

Is this significant? Well, looking at the language of the committee comment it all sounds quite reasonable. They are concerned about airspace incursions that are not identified. They are also concerned that foreign adversaries might have developed aerospace capabilities that put the US at a disadvantage. These are perfectly valid and significant concerns that the military obviously shares and has been investigating, to some degree.

What this comment amount to is essentially oversight of the existing processes, to ensure that those concerns are addressed and that improvements are made if needed.

So why the excitement?

The UFO community exists in a constant state of frustration. They are frustrated that they are drawing attention to UFOs but nobody really takes them seriously. They are frustrated that there's very little (if any) good video or photo evidence to back up their interest. They are frustrated because they think that the government is not telling them everything they know about UFOs.

And although many of them will deny this, they are frustrated because they think UFOs are something incredible, maybe representing an epochal revolution in physics, possibly even alien visitors from another world. They are frustrated because they really want this incredible thing to be revealed, and they have been thinking that "disclosure" is just around the corner for years. But it never happens.

So when something does happen, they get really excited, even if that excitement is not really justified. To the UFO community, this feels like validation. It feels like the US government saying "UFOs are real". To some it will feel like the US government starting to say "aliens are real"

I think this whole thing illustrates something of a division within the UFO community. You basically got two options.

1) UFOs are alien visitors and governments around the world are covering it up
2) UFOs are something interesting and unidentified, maybe dangerous, and governments around the world are incompetently not investigating it.

While many of the more serious UFO fans present as #2, most people with an interest in UFOs seem to think it's #1.

But, and this is key, the #2 people also will generally not discount #1, they might even be closet #1 fans, but they will get angry if you bring it up, because they think talking about aliens discredits the UFO movement.

What position (#1 or #2) does this report comment support? Really #2, and the serious presenting folk are excited because of this, like Chris Mellon:
Source: https://twitter.com/ChristopherKMe4/status/1275465099449446401

But some people replying to Mellon's comment also lean towards #1
Source: https://twitter.com/PostDisclosure/status/1275468368989032448

But really all we've got here is the Senate Intelligence Committee simply carrying out its oversight role. Perhaps colored somewhat by the media attention surrounding the US Navy videos. But really nothing has significantly changed, despite all the UFO folk telling you that it has.

Look at it in either context. If #1 is true, then what's the point of this report? Surely the Senate Intelligence Committee would already know about the aliens. What about the rest of the world.

If #2 is true, then why isn't this a huge deal? If they really thought there was good evidence that the Chinese had developed anti-gravity or reactionless propulsion, then that would be the most significant development in military terms since Hiroshima. It would need more than this.

Finally, and sadly, it's going lead to another round of nonsense tabloid headlines, like "Gov admits Aliens are Real", which will simply fan the #1 flames a little more.

I'll get excited when some actual evidence surfaces.
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