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I'm really going to wait for the highlights reel, and a fact check for the false and unsupported claims that have been raining down left and right.
It was crazy. They appear to be genuinely pushing the Venezuela/Dominion theory, which was widely derided days ago.


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In the press conference, after 27:45, Giuliani mentions Jessy Jacob. But that evidence was dismissed in court days ago, here's an article dated Nov 13th:
Kenny rejected Jacob’s assertion of a “sinister motive” on the part of election officials, pointing specifically to her claims that supervisors told her not to compare signatures to verify voter eligibility and directed her to pre-date absentee ballots received at Detroit’s TCF Center the day after Election Day.

“Evidence offered by long-time State Elections Director Christopher Thomas, however, reveals there was no need for comparison of signatures at the TCF Center because eligibility had been reviewed and determined at the Detroit election headquarters,” the ruling states. “As to the allegation of ‘pre-dating’ ballots, Mr. Thomas explains that this action completed a data field inadvertently left blank during the initial absentee ballot verification process.”
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