1. Mick West

    New Tools Forum This new forum is to gather all the useful software tools that myself and other have written. It's intended both as a way of easily finding them, and providing a central place for technical discussion and sharing software development.
  2. Mick West

    Convert Graph Image from Log Scale to Linear Scale

    Sometimes graphs are presented with a logarithmic vertical scale. This is useful for seeing the detail in the smaller range, but can give a misleading impression about how much a value is changing. I wrote a no-frills tool to convert such images. It take as input a URL of a cropped portion of a...
  3. skephu

    New tool ChimeIn makes all web sites commentable

    ChimeIn is a novel tool (browser add-on/mobile app) that makes all web sites commentable: Might be useful for debunking when used on bunk web sites that do not allow commenting or heavily moderate comments. Of course, the comments are only seen by people who have...
  4. Chew

    Very useful website - Youtube closed captioning to text file

    This website will download the closed captioning from a Youtube video and allow you to open it in Notepad and search the text. I just searched about 8 hours of video in 20 minutes looking for a quote I needed.