1. cmnit

    Malpensa technician whistleblower on chemtrail activities in airport

    The well know Italian chemtrailist "tankerenemy" aka Rosario Marciano' interviewed a technician working at the Malpensa airport (MXP, North Italy, close to Milan). A transcript of the interview is available here (in Italian only). The two main points raised by Enrico Gianini (the...
  2. cmnit

    Ulrike Lohmann on aircraft exhausts chemicals

    The Italian chemtrailist Tankerenemy is recently (mis)using a scientific paper by and an interview to well known and respected scientist Ulrike Lohmann (ETH Zurich). Besides other things, she is seriously involved in efforts to assess and potentially reduce the atmospheric pollution induced by...
  3. cmnit

    Debunked: Tankerenemy - Contrails at 13,000 feet? [Wrong Plane]

    Update: The plane in the video claiming low altitude contrails was misidentified, and was actually flying at 39,000 feet, see discussion in thread below. Original first post follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The latest video...
  4. cmnit

    Original source for Neil Finlay (Canadian physicist) talking about chemtrails?

    Hi all, on a blogpost from TankerEnemy it is reported that a Canadian physicist named Neil Finlay talked about chemtrails discussing a specific optical effect (birefringence) which cannot be caused by ice crystals but, rather, by chemicals (strontium titanate was mentioned). Is anybody aware...
  5. cmnit

    Italian chemtrail champion, Mr Marcianò aka TankerEnemy

    A very active Italian chemtrail "theorist" and activist is Rosario Marcianò, know online as TankerEnemy. He has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and a Twitter account with this name. His site tankerenemy.com hosts a forum with comments from registered guests only (due to heavy flame wars with...