Original source for Neil Finlay (Canadian physicist) talking about chemtrails?


Hi all,

on a blogpost from TankerEnemy it is reported that a Canadian physicist named Neil Finlay talked about chemtrails discussing a specific optical effect (birefringence) which cannot be caused by ice crystals but, rather, by chemicals (strontium titanate was mentioned).

Is anybody aware about Finlay and of the original source of his discussion?
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The Original is a William Thomas article from 2006
On June 16, 2006, while driving on Highway 1 near Victoria, British Columbia, ” Finley related, “I stopped to view a huge, white, flat cloud—incredibly white, incredibly wide. It was shocking to see.”

Sunlight reflected from that massive unnatural cloud through his tinted sun visor “occulted” the sun, as he described it, into prismatic bars: “all pink, green and purple.” Such “birefringence,” Finley explained, “never happens with water vapor, because color separation only occurs in a crystal index of refraction.”

Say again?

Such prismatic interferences with wavelengths of light only occur with “extremely, extremely fine solid material,” Finley tried again. These fine, suspended particles “causes interference patterns around each particle, changing the color of the light.”

Finley said he was specifically referring to the chemicals artificially released into the sky by “tankers”.

While water vapor freezing into high-altitude ice crystals can put “sundogs” around the sun and an occasional halo around the moon, the oily rainbow colors much more commonly seen in jet-trails and artificial clouds are chemical signatures, he related.
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He's wrong though. All the colors we see are consistent with atmospheric effects. He seems to be forgetting about Mie scattering, which creates iridescence very different from ice crystals


And something someone once remembered seeing though his sun visor 8 years ago is hardly evidence.