"Orgone" Device mistaken for bomb at construction site

Jay Reynolds

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These things have been secreted in many locations worldwide since Don Croft wrote a series of articles advocating doing so just after the turn of the century. He and many others have sold them for the last twenty years and continue doing so. Ironically, they labeled them "Holy Hand Grenades", a name which comes from a satirical Monty Python skit.These will likely be found for many years and the finders will wonder what they hell they are.

http://www.abendzeitung-muenchen.de/inhalt.esoterik-objekt-sorgt-fuer-fehlalarm-fuerstenried-vermeintliche-bombe-sollte-vor-chemtrails-schuetzen.b2623707-ee31-4c35-982c-92361a0d9b83.html#!kalooga-16967/~Bombe ~Landeskriminalamt^0.75
Esoteric object ensures false alarm

Fürstenried: Alleged bomb should protect against Chemtrails

03/09/2016 11:54

Which allegedly polluted air to clean Orgoniten as the supposed bomb (inset): For a Kondesstreifen, for the other Chemtrails. Photo: Prashanta / Police Munich (cc-by-sa)
During construction, a worker discovered on Tuesday a cylindrical object with a fuse. Police cordoned the area then from a wide area. Finally, the incident turned out to be curiously false alarm.
Fürstenried - On 03.08.2016 against 09:15 of construction workers noticed at the site in the Forstenrieder Allee an approximately 12 centimeters high and about three to four centimeters wide subject. The object was transparent and metal shavings left inside clearly. In addition, out of the cylinder stuck out an object, the thought of the construction workers for a fuse.
It therefore called the police added, but the officials were not sure whether the object is dangerous or harmless. They decided to therefore, first of all cover the object with an excavator bucket to in case of an explosion so as to prevent the flying of the metal fragments.
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More incoming police patrols cordoned adjacent streets and informed a nearby kindergarten. The children, however, did not have to be evacuated, but were only sent in a rear portion of the site to play. Then specialists of the Bavarian state criminal police were called in for further investigation of the subject.

Orgonite: bomb turns out to be esoteric object


Ross Marsden

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In about 2010, while walking past my work's emergency power generator, I noticed that someone had "gifted" one of these holy hand grenades. So I took it home and I "gifted" it there. It now does duty sitting on the ON/OFF switch for the outside part of our A/C system.

I brought it in for a photo. It was molded in a small oval savory pie dish.

2016-03-14 20.08.32.jpg

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