1. deirdre

    Explained: Mysterious burning crater in Mexico spurs UFO crash speculation (Garbage pit)

    VIDEO showing a smoking crater next to a motorway has lead to speculation it could be a UFO crash site. Basically an 8 meter hole was found in Torreon, Mexico. There are many guesses going around...
  2. SabreSaint

    Debunked: Russia to supply weapons to Mexico

    With the recent bombings in Yemen on behalf of Saudi Arabia various WW3 conspiracies have bubbled to the surface. This one in particular is popping up on the Facebook Live-Feed quite a lot. Courtesy of a website called Red Flag News. Admittedly I've never heard of this site previously. The gist...
  3. Mick West

    Explained: The Earth Splitting Open - Giant Crack in Mexico [Subsidence Fissure + Erosion]

    Apocalyptic sounding headlines have accompanied this story about a large crack in the Earth in Mexico. Firstly is seems almost certain that this is nothing at all to do with earthquake activity, as many headlines have suggested. The earth has not simply "split open", as the ground on both...