1. Giddierone

    1994 NASA STS-64 Mission & Lights Seen in the Sky Over Africa

    What role, if any, might the STS-64 NASA Mission have had in the various reports of strange lights in the sky over Zimbabwe between 14 September and 16th September 1994? The NASA mission ran 9 Sept 1994 - 20 September 1994. During the mission it did ran three experiments that may have been...
  2. Mick West

    Why Flat Earth Laser Tests are Misleading

    Source: When you shine a laser beam across the surface of a lake, it is very prone to refraction, but often this is ignored, and the result is declared a victory. Laser tests are a very poor choice of a test of curvature, when much clearer (and...
  3. Mick West

    Demonstrating How Refraction Helps You See Over The Horizon

    Source: If there were no atmosphere, and somehow the Earth still had oceans, then the curvature of those oceans would be readily apparent, with a pin-sharp horizon cutting off distant objects with mathematical precision. You'd be able to zoom in...
  4. Mick West

    Lasers vs. Flashlights vs. Daylight for Observing the Curve of the Earth

    A classic test for the curve of the earth is to see if things that are far away are hidden by the horizon. There's two basic ways of doing this (with a large number of variations.) You can A) look at a distant object like a ship or a distant shore, or B) look at a distant light. Both of these...
  5. Sandor Szekely

    Lake Balaton Laser experiment to determine the curvature of the Earth, if any.

    This thread documents the progress of planning, execution, and analysis of an Experiment conducted by Sandor Szekely (a believer in the "Flat Earth" theory) on Lake Balaton in Hungary. The goal of the experiment was to measure the curvature of the surface of a lake by shining a laser across it...
  6. Mick West

    Debunked: Chemtrail "Laser Line" and 4 UFOs

    The above photo comes from a video titled "The chemtrail the laser line & the 4 UFOs ". At first glance it looks rather odd. A white dot, a red dot, and then red "laser" line, and a white line that looks a bit like a contrail. However I recognized it pretty quickly because I'd taken similar...
  7. solrey

    Reward to catch people who point lasers at planes

    Pointing lasers at planes has become such a problem in the US that the FBI is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of persons who point lasers at planes. There is evidence in the form of 'confessions' that at least a portion of the increase in these incidents is...
  8. Jay Reynolds

    British Pilot's Association Reporting 5 Laser Attacks/Day, Calls for Laser Ban

    Worldwide, these attacks are being reported from far flung locations such as Malta and even Fiji, with "epidemic" levels in Russia and the US. EXCLUSIVE: Laser horror as attempts...