1. Wiggles

    Claim: Distant Objects Being Obscured Is Due To the "Mirror Blocking" Effect of Inferior Mirages

    I thought this was a good one (it's a recent video and today is the first time I've heard this claim in a way that made any sense at all): Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_arVHYRPlg So, the guts of the claim are this: The guy sets up his table as such: The table represents the...
  2. Cassi O

    Chicago Skyline from Indiana Dunes, 33 miles away

    This is my first IR image taken with my new camera of the Chicago Skyline form Indiana Dunes 33 miles away. Call it raw data if you like, but it really falls under the category of art.
  3. Qulaey

    Explained: 17.61 Mile Mirror Flash Supposedly Proves Flat Earth [Refraction]

    In a Youtube video documenting an expariment done by youtuber MrThriveandSurvive. He observes a mirror flash of the sun through an inferared modified P-900 at a distence of 17.61 miles or 28.24km. See if you guys can help me debunk this. Video link: Source...
  4. Neil Obstat

    Claim: zooming in on setting sun proves flat earth

    ...I don't know how these images work yet -- I'm still learning!... The first one (above) was not taken using a solar filter so the sun appears bigger than it really is, then the second one, taken later (supposedly) appears higher in the sky after zooming in with camera. Zooming in should...
  5. StarGazer

    Claim: First Image of Space Taken from V-2 Rocket Proves the Earth is Flat

    In this thread we'll be examining the very first image taken from space from a V-2 Missile and the claim related to it: It is claimed from “official sources” that a “V-2 Missle” was launched from the New Mexico desert on October 24, 1946, and that it took this black-and-white photo below...
  6. Mick West

    How to Take a Photo of the Curve of the Horizon

    4x vertical scaled. Lunada Canyon, Rancho Palos Verdes, California. 33.767482853°, -118.408898009° Source: https://nobodyhikesinla.com/2010/12/06/lunada-canyon/ The horizon is visual line that separates the earth from the sky. On land this is usually nearby hills and is quite uneven, but if...
  7. Rory

    How to Show the Horizon is Below Eye Level, Using Actual Eyes

    Had an idea about how to very clearly and very easily show that the horizon isn't at eye level: take some pictures of some eyes! You will need: 1. A camera 2. A high place with a level surface and a view to the horizon 3. A person pretty much the same height as you 4. The ability to hold a...
  8. wonderland78

    Help with a debate about curvature and distance calculations

    New to this forum but I signed up because a) I'm concerned about the whole flat earth issue in that people are stubbornly asserting its validity and b) they all seem to know some version of 'science' to significant degrees and so I need to educate myself in order to, well, debate them properly...
  9. Mick West

    A DIY Theodolite for Measuring the Dip of the Horizon

    A theodolite is a relatively simple instrument for measuring vertical and horizontal angles. It's commonly used for surveying, but you can also use one to get a rough estimate of the curvature of the Earth by measuring how far the horizon falls below eye level from different altitudes. Modern...