1. Mick West

    Eruption of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii – Conspiracies and Science

    The ongoing eruption of Kilauea is interesting for a number of Metabunk related reasons. Firstly there's the association of volcanos with the solar radiation management proposals in the field of geoengineering. Volcanoes spew a lot of sulphur dioxide and ash into the air which (simplifying)...
  2. Mick West

    HAARP Returns, Holds Open House

    After a two year hiatus, HAARP (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has returned. HAARP is a powerful transmitter array that uses radio waves to slightly heat a bit of the ionosphere so it can be studied. It was previously run by the US Navy, but they completed their work there...
  3. A.G.

    "EU Conference on Weather Modification and Geo-Engineering..."

    This one just cropped up: http://nsnbc.me/2013/04/13/eu-conference-on-weather-modification-and-geo-engineering-reiterates-1999-demands-for-transparency-and-democratic-control/ It looks to me like a conference of CT:ers, held AT official EU parliamentary locales but not actually arranged by the...
  4. MikeG

    Toxic Spraying and Radio Frequency Bombardment

    This is from a May 16, 2015 edition of geoengineeringwatch.org Dane Wigington is claiming that geoengineering is now being accomplished by a combination of aerial spraying and “radio frequency bombardment” via “ionosphere heaters like HAARP.”...
  5. deirdre

    Madison Moonstar's Fake clouds

    https://archive.is/Z3bDs The reality is, this is an ash cloud from Mt. Augustine taken April 18,2009. Found the original in less than 2 minutes using "Google Images" photo search. edit: oops, duh. forgot this one.
  6. derrick06

    Debunked: HAARP ELF waves causing a earthquake

    This theory is an older one I saw via a youtube clip I came across accidently. It's a classic History channel conspiracy program discussing HAARP and chemtrails. One of it's primary proposed theories is that "ELF" or Extremely Low Frequency waves can cause earthquakes and this is what Ionosphere...
  7. cloudspotter

    Dutchsinse HAARP FOI request

    Dutch has had a response to his FOI request for material on HAARP and he's very excited about it He could of course have saved the bother (and the wasted paper) and looked up the information online For example: The WIND-HAARP Experiment Abstract. Results from the first science experiment...
  8. skephu

    Intersecting cloud ripples

    This photo was posted a few days ago on the USA TODAY web site: Legend: "Cloud ripples: Intersecting ripples appear in a cloud layer over the Texas Panhandle last week. The photo was submitted to USA TODAY via Your Take at yourtake.usatoday.com Elizabeth Williams-Cox, Your Take" In this...
  9. cmnit

    Electrical conductivity of atmosphere before/after "spraying"

    Many chemtrailists affirm that at least one of the goal of chemtrails is to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere by means of metallic additives such as aluminum and barium. In turn this conductivity should improve/focalize/reflect ELF or other em radiation coming from the...