1. Agent K

    Serpentine flight pattern over Los Angeles

    What's going on here? A couple of Beechcraft King Airs out of Los Alamitos Army Airfield scanning L.A.
  2. Mick West

    How to Track Down a Contrail with FlightRadar24.com

    Tracking down planes that make particular contrails is something I do quite a bit. So I've made this video showing how I do it, with the hope that it will be useful to other people doing the same thing. I also discuss in the video why planes sometimes fly in a holding pattern, or make sharp...
  3. Mick West

    Two Contrails, One Gap. How side-by-side contrails can differ

    The above image shows two parallel contrails, the one that is lower in the image is showing a gap. I took the photo because I though the second trail (just 20 seconds or so old) might also develop a gap in the same spot. But as it happened, it did not. The gap persisted, and no new cap was...
  4. Ezswo

    Debunked: MH17 - 10 Previous Flightpaths Different From 17-7

    A "rumor" that keeps popping up on various websites is that the flightpath of MH17 on the day of the crash is significantly different than the previous 10 flightpaths of MH17. The image seems to originate from a Twitterer called Vagelis Karmiros who placed the following tweet on the 17th of...